PC [20/11 20:00UK] Austria 50%

Steve Jackson

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Lobby Host: Steve Jackson Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/winactive
Lobby will be opened 7:50pm

Track: Red Bull Ring, Spielberg
Qualifying: Short
Distance: 50%
Cars: Equal
Weather: Dry
Safety Car: Off
Parc Ferme: Off
Damage: Full
Corner Cutting: Strict
Formation Lap: On
Race Starts: Manual
Time of Day: Official
AI Driver Level: 90
Assists: ABS, TC, RL and AG allowed - plz check lobby settings are OK and msg if not

Cars Taken: 15/20

- @Steve Jackson
- @sjhk93

- @Zeerovert
- @m.schlumpf

Red Bull:
- @Gelbewand1989

- @Conrad
- @Hinyaldee


Alfa Romeo:
- @Doggo
- @iBlue


Alpha Tauri:
- @scottcraigs
- @Zarxi

Racing Point
- @Blue Inquisitor
- @Neil Bywater

- @Regaz
- @RMate


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@scottcraigs despite it being a social race, are you aware this isn't an AI race and you can't behave the same ? Your lightning starts in the formation lap coupled with your extremly messy way of driving on track (divebombs all over the place, collisions from behind, bumping from the sides, etc...) is insufferable seriously. Though social races don't really work the same as main league races, if you keep on behaving like this with no regards to other drivers, I'll report that up the ladder