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PC 2019 AOR PC Esports Team Tournament - Grid Announcement and Car Selection

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Aug 11, 2016
2019 AOR Esports Team Tournament
PC - Grid Announcement and Car Selection



Welcome to the 2019 AOR Esports Team Tournament! It's now time to announce the grids that will be participating in the online series on PC, competing for the top 3 spots and a place in the live final. The order of the time trial results also dictates the car selection order for the teams.

Time Trial Results:


Teams which only submitted one time for a track had their only time used twice, with the addition of a 1 second penalty for the second time. These times are highlighted in red.

Car Selection:

Teams affiliated with an F1 team will be automatically assigned their respective car, and as a result are not required to participate in the car selection process. To keep this thread efficient as required to have each team assigned to a car ahead of the first race this week, one person only from each team should reply to this thread.

The way this works is that we ask all of you to please reply to this thread with your car preference once it is your team's turn. As this is a team series with many different drivers participating, we are not concerned by which numbers you run on your cars.

The car selection process should be complete by Monday 11th March 11:59PM UK Time - if your team is found to be delaying the process to a point where the process is unlikely to be completed by this time then you will lose your place in the car selection process. We urge each team to keep an eye on this thread and the forums for notifications to ensure this does not happen.

Priority Order:


Confirmed car assignments:

Mercedes - Team Shazoo

Ferrari - Team ORL

Red Bull - Red Bull Racing

Force India - The Official Zen

Williams - Williams Esports

Renault - VP Gaming

Toro Rosso - Rapid Racing Team

Haas - CRG Esports

McLaren - ERL Esports

Sauber - Visceral Racing
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