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PC 2019 AOR PC Esports Team Tournament - Number Selection

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Mar 24, 2017
2019 AOR Esports Team Tournament
PC - Number Selection Thread

Greetings all, and welcome to the Number Selection Thread.

As no numbers have been taken previously, we request that each driver choose their number to represent them for the tournament.

The number must be usable in the game, and it must not have been chosen by another driver. The number one must not be used.


The numbers will be chosen in the order of car selection. However, teams will go one driver at a time. For example, team #1 will get one number pick for a driver before it moves onto team #2. This continues until it comes back around to team #1 where they choose their second number. This continues until all drivers have chosen a number.

Selections order can be found below:

** Red Bull Racing have the #2 Pick
*** Williams Esports have the #3 Pick

Please ensure that your chosen number is used in the tournament.

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