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XB1 2019 AOR XB1 Esports Team Tournament - Sign-Up Thread

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Aug 11, 2016
2019 AOR Esports Team Tournament
XB1 - Team Registration Thread


This is the XB1 team registration thread for 2019 AOR Esports Team Tournament on F1 2018

XB1 Registrations are now open for the 2019 AOR Esports Team Tournament, championship stage! Please only register if your team is fully committed to completing the whole championship. Also take into consideration that you may have a chance of qualifying for a live event, before registering. All entrants are expected to be able to attend that event, which will take place in the UK.

The registration deadline is set to 9th March @ 23:59 (UK time). You may not register after this date. Following the deadline, there will be a mandatory Time Trial qualification.

Welcome to the 2019 AOR Esports Team Tournament. Following on from our vast experience in running F1 Leagues on the site, we are now turning to Esports. Teams will have the chance to battle to be the best. We have built a reputation for providing clean, fair and competitive league racing, and we expect everyone registering to maintain our set high standards at all times.

Registration Guidelines:

Only a team manager (or someone with authority in said team) may register a team for the tournament. The team manager should be readily available throughout this tournament to receive and provide information concerning their team when required.

Notable Dates:
Sign Up Period Begins: Thursday 21st February
Sign Up Period Ends: T Saturday 9th March
Time Trial Qualification Period Begins: Thursday 21st February
Time Trial Qualification Period Ends: Friday 8th March
Grid Reveals: Saturday 9th March
Tournament Begins: Tuesday 12th March
Tournament Ends: Saturday 18th May

General League Information:
League setup: Each platform will run one tier each. The teams taking part in these tiers is decided via the Time Trial Qualification. A team may field a maximum of 2 drivers per race event, however a maximum of 5 may be used throughout the championship.
Race format: Each race event features an 18-minute qualifying session followed by a 50% distance race.
Participant determination: Teams will compete in a Time Trial Qualification Event to gain a spot in the championship.

Race day: Tuesday
Start time: 8:30pm (UK time)

Important Links:
Time Trial Qualification
General Information

It is vitally important that you read and understand the full content of the threads listed above.

As an AOR Esports competitor, it is required that you do your very best to race within these rules at all times. In short, this means no contact and no corner cutting. We also expect you to behave maturely and respectfully in the race lobby and on the forums.

Sign Up:
Registration Process:
Only teams who intend on participating in every round of the tournament sign-up for participation. To sign-up, the steps below are required to be completed in order to be granted a place in the tournament.

STEP 1 - Registration:
Register by replying to this thread, following the below template. Make sure you fill in all of the fields.

● Team Name: [Enter your Team Name here]
● Nationality: [Enter your Team Nationality here]
Driver’s Forum Names: [Enter the Forum Names of all drivers here, MAX 5]
Driver’s Online IDs: [Enter the Online IDs of all drivers here, MAX 5]

STEP 2 - Time Trial Qualification:
Each team is required to have 2 drivers submit times at the stipulated time trial tracks. These tracks are Britain, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, all of which in dry conditions. All of these laps are required to be completed in the Mercedes. For more information and to submit your times, see the Time Trial Qualification Thread.

If you have any questions about the sign-up process or the leagues in general, feel free to send a message to a member of the Coordinating Team.

Team List:
Teams who have registered are listed below.

Tournament Registrations:

FAP Esports - @Meloni88 @FAP Pelzeri @TRL Martin @TRL Limitless @Taylor Reynolds - British - Speedtests Not Completed
ERL Esports - @SnazzyEvening44 @TRL Button @ERL DrVader 786 @ERL_Miro @Jake Lester - British/Finnish/Polish - Speedtests Not Completed
Radicals Online - @EVR Matt212 @Restive - British - Speedtests Completed
Maximus Esports - @Team Vodka Shot @MVPZero33 @AOR Sjeeker - Dutch - Speedtests Completed
183 esports - @Amazed oT @Johnsallonika @Jamie183 @Jack Carr Riley @Kezimodo - British/Greek - Speedtests Not Completed
BRL Esports Team - @sirahg @BRL Perondi - Brazilian - Speedtests Completed
Thrive Esports - @tR DutchMan @Picklessv2 @Danny Shaw @JackClays @vStewieee - British - Speedtests Not Completed
Comrade Gaming - @CRG Evo @Simon2810 - British - Speedtests Not Completed
Top Speed Italian Team - @Pietromatto @Kowalsky11 @LiiGhT TK @Giovanni - Italian - Speedtests Not Completed
TSTF1racing Team - @MostRoninronin @TST FreNTzeN @Pda AlexBova @TST Raikkonen - Italian - Speedtests Not Completed
Veloce Esports - @Suphrize Meh @Sonuc T Saltunc - British - Speedtests Not Completed
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Aug 11, 2016
● Team Name: Thrive Esports
● Nationality: English
● Driver’s Forum Names: @tR DutchMan @Picklessv2 @Danny Shaw @JackClays @vStewieee
● Driver’s Online IDs: tR DutchMan tR Shaw tR Clays tR Pickless vStewieee
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