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XB1 2019 AOR XB1 Esports Team Tournament - Time Trial Qualification

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Aug 11, 2016
2019 AOR XB1 Esports Team Tournament
Time Trial Qualification


The Time Trial Qualification event is compulsory to all teams who have signed up to compete in the 2019 AOR Esports Team Tournament. This will determine the teams that are selected to compete in the series, which will be the 10 fastest teams on each platform.

Tracks: Britain (dry), Singapore (dry) & Abu Dhabi (dry)
Car: Mercedes
Assists: All entries to the AOR Esports Team Tournament are required to use NO ASSISTS throughout the series, which includes the time trial qualification event.

Each team must submit times by TWO drivers for each track. These do NOT have to be the same two drivers for each track.

How to submit your times:

To submit your times, post a reply to this thread with a screenshot of your best lap time for each of the required tracks.

The screenshots must be taken from the end-of-session screen showing your lap time from that same session. The screenshot must clearly display the username, lap time, car, track, and assists used.


If you update your times after originally posting them, please edit your original post instead of posting all your screenshots again. However, please also leave a new post in the thread to let us know that your times have been updated, otherwise we won't know to re-check them.

Practical info regarding screenshots:

How to take a screenshot:
XB1: Press the home button and then Y.

How to add a screenshot to your post:
You can upload images directly to your post as an attachment by clicking the "ATTACH FILES" button underneath the text box, and then selecting the images from the folder on your computer. Alternatively, you can upload your image to an external image hosting site (such as imgur, dropbox, google drive etc) and add the URL using the "Insert image" button above the text box, and then using the "By URL" option.
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I know my singapore time wasn't from that session but it was from 2 days before, I screenshotted it then but unfortunately it got "lost" , i can provide you with a screenshot of the date from the leaderboards if it is needed.


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If you are not sure which place your team has taken, you can use our table *

* Attention - it's just a private list, which is not official. The results may differ from the official ones.
This is only information file.
I've hidden this because that's not entirely accurate. Things will be announced soon enough.
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