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2019 Belgian Grand Prix


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May 20, 2016
Bit late I know but my take on the race but got sidetracked as shown in my post above.

Anyway I was very happy to see Leclerc win, to say he was owed a win is an understatement but what a weekend to get your first win, anyway Ferrari got there tactics right and Seb played his part as well.
With Seb he just didn't have the pace on the weekend, though something that did catch my eye during the race was that Seb was gaining on Leclerc consistently in S1, but losing a lot of time to him in S2, which leaves me to suspect Seb ran lower downforce then Leclerc.
Not that its an excuse for Seb's performance on the weekend, either way he played the team game perfectly and helped Leclerc without his battling with Hamilton costing him a couple seconds, I suspect Leclerc would have had a tough battle on his hands as the Ferrari was clearly chewing through its tyres a lot more then the Merc.

As for Merc I think they had the faster car on the day overall, as race pace wise they did have the measure of Ferrari on the long run, its just qualifying and track position made the difference.

Mad Max well for once he came unstuck though its the sort of incident I would have expected him to have a couple years ago, as these days he does keep his nose clean normally so a rare misjudgement by him.

Norris was of course extremely unlucky he had a quiet and faultless race and would have deserved 5th, with Albon I thought around the halfway mark that he would maybe finish 8th/9th but he fought and battled hard all day and got 6th (which turned into 5th) it was another impressive drive for him.

Zero of the day sadly has to go to Giovanazzi though on course for 7th/8th and bins it at pouhon on his 2nd last lap.

Onto the F1 race, congratulations to Ferrari for managing the race quite well. I was surprised at the relaxed way that Vettel handed the race back to Leclerc under instruction, but maybe not so much given the events of the previous day. But, I actually thought he drove a good team drive today and I was impressed. He actually did enough in holding up Hamilton to prevent him having a proper go at Leclerc, his defending was faultless and I think Hamilton used up a lot of battery, tyres and brakes in getting past and he had to take some cooler laps to regroup for a push for the top step.
o_O Fück me, my eyes must be deceiving me - Steve genuinely praising Seb! I never thought I'd see day, I fell so far out of my chair after reading that, that I'm in a parallel universe now. :ROFLMAO:

I think the signal is coming from Vettel that he's about to wave the white flag.
Hulkenberg to Ferrari couldn't happen, could it?
I'd be surprised if Seb retires this year, I think the end of the 2020 season which is the end of his current contract is a possibility, but we could see a swap at the end of that season instead Mad Max to Ferrari - Seb back to where his F1 career basically started RB, it would be a fitting way for him to finish his career, but anyway the truth is no one knows what he's planning to do apart from the man himself.:LOL:

As for Hulkenberg, Haas is his likely 2020 destination.

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Jan 14, 2014
Hulk to Ferrari was a bit tongue in cheek.

But I stand by what I said, it was like Vettel without the stuffing (it's all he has) maybe he realises he's a family man, he's married, Ferrari have a new generation driver with AMBITION, he doesn't NEED to do this any more. Once you have those thoughts, you get out.

Contrast to Hamilton who remains focused on and looks likely to add number 6. No distractions.