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2020S1 - FR3.5 - Spa Sprint L1 Bruxelles Lubomir Moric

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Lubomir Moric

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Oct 2, 2017
From my perspective that move was overaggressive and opportunistic (pity we do not have footage from my view), Luke overshoot the apex and had to slow down on apex, otherwise he will be wide (see the part when turning the car sharply, there he lost the speed). Meantime I was already coasting, not prepared to slam brakes, as it will anyway spin my car in that part of the turn. Also I expected him to go wide with such entry speed, prepared to go over/under maneuver. Instead of that Luke secured with mass of his car better track position by losing the speed => me getting closer to him even on coast.
First "contact" when I saw Luke losing the car was netcode - no Inc points or change in my car behaviour, later hit for 0 inc was already consequence of that netcode.

My car also have some momentum and once again - I was just coasting + netcode happened.


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Dec 6, 2017
Sometimes when overtakes happen under braking, there's a car in your way (y)


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Jan 16, 2014
The stewards have decided to give @Lubomir Moric a warning for causing a collision. The contact itself is really minor, and we think really unfortunate. The actual mistake here is really very minor. That said we feel it was easily avoidable as the amount of time to react and the speed of the car ahead wasn't sufficiently slower as to cause an issue. Whilst when most people overtake in that corner, they hug the inside line, this isn't a requirement.
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