2021 Azerbaijan GP

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F1 Senna Equivalent
So the F1 circus returns this weekend to Baku, if past races here are any indicator of what to expect then I would say races here can be on a knife edge, sometimes they can be dull and not much happening for most of it and suddenly one crash/incident happens and a SC is deployed, then all hell normally breaks loose afterwards on the restarts.

Though I'd expect most of the build up & weekend's attention to whats happening off the track between Merc, McLaren & RB etc...

Anyway here's Pirelli's preview:


F1 Senna Equivalent
Likelihood of Merc protesting the race result rises to 99%:

Meanwhile in other news today:

Liberty are expected to announce a replacement in due course.


F1 Senna Equivalent
So after qualy its setup for potentially a very good race, you have to expect Hamilton & Verstappen to get ahead of Leclerc within the first 10 laps and after that probably down to strategy between the two, though after the amount of crashes in qualy I have the fear that all drivers will be alot more careful and behave themselves alot more and as a result we'll end up with a relatively dull race.

But if they pick up from where they left off then we might end up getting a surprise winner.

Though just to touch back on qualy and the amount of dnf's basically in it, after that and what happened in Monaco I can potentially see the FIA looking into adding a rule to drop drivers down the field if they crash out as really its not really right a driver who's on provisional pole etc can crash out cause a red flag which ends it and stops others from potentially beating them.

Like I'd do it by dropping the driver that crashed out to last (regardless of any time they've set previously) in whatever qualy segment it happened in, so crash out Q1 your 20th, Q2 15th & Q3 10th, I think that would be a reasonable enough deterrent in future for drivers to avoid dnf'ing in qualy.

Lastly the topic of flexi-wings could end up becoming a major talking point after the race, I saw during channel 4's qualy highlight program that Merc's rear wing was flexing as much as RB's it looked like, and as a result I think should Hamilton win or beat Verstappen that Red Bull will protest the result just as I think the exact opposite will happen should Verstappen win or beat Hamilton.

As if the race result doesn't go there way both teams I think would be content & prepared to use the nuclear option, where whoever ends up second best points wise out of the two, the team that is second would quite happily take to dq there rivals & themselves if needs be to prevent losing any points to them, it would be a crazy thing to do & fans wouldn't be happy but I'd be amazed if Merc & RB aren't prepared to go to that length in a season as tight as this - because the acronym MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) can be applied to these current F1 circumstances I think.


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Well that was a interesting race yesterday partly because of the wrong reasons, but I think in WDC's terms the final outcome was fair all things considered.

Verstappen was very unlucky of course he didn't really put a foot wrong all race and had it fully under control, as for Hamilton for once he missed a open goal definitely a very rare mistake on his part and considering his radio comment before the restart of 'it's a marathon not a sprint' I just had to laugh after what he did.

But for the first time since Ricciardo left, RB have 2 drivers that are both able to challenge Merc & Hamilton in a race, its taken Perez about a quarter of a season to get upto Verstappens race pace now he just needs to work on qualifying higher regularly (like top 4 - front 2 rows minimum), if he does that he might give RB and Verstappen a unneeded headache (now only 36 points back from Verstappen)

Moving on well what can I say about Seb a incredible drive by him I certainly didn't expect him to top the Monaco result 1 race later but great pace, good strategy + overtakes & being there to pick up the pieces meant he got 2nd.

Either way it looks like after a slow start to the season that he's properly found his feet at AM now, obviously the big question now is whether the AM will drop back down pace wise to relative to others as for the first 5 races that car has been on average the 6th best car yet Seb and it seem to come alive at Baku. (and Stroll to be fair was having a solid first stint until his tyre failure)

Gasly did a great job as well to get another podium for AT and his stock just continues to rise, I think looking further down the line for him career wise he may have a decision to make towards the end of the season, as should Perez maintain this kind of form/performance to the end of the season & it leads to RB winning both WDC & WCC, they would be literally insane to let him go, which mean Gasly's hopes of moving back to RB would be closed off.

However its hard to see where he could go which would offer him a more competitive car, perhaps his only option would be Alpine perhaps (replacing Ocon or Alonso) either way I think he's shown and done more then enough in his second stint at the TR/AT team to earn a second chance in a top car.

As for the rest the 2 lap sprint race definitely jumbled up things a bit, Ferrari (Leclerc & Sainz) clearly didn't have the race pace (though Sainz's error didn't help there points haul), Norris did a great salvage job to get 5th after dropping down to 13th after lap 2, Alonso produced a bit of 2 lap magic to get 6th when he had been just outside the points majority of the race, Tsunoda a big improvement and his best weekend since Bahrain says alot that he was disappointed to finish 7th, Danny Ric in 9th obviously alot better then what happened in Monaco but has to still improve a bit and you had Kimi taking the final point denying his teammate Giovinazzi in the process, who had very good race to be fair from last.

Then you had Bottas in 12th...quite frankly this has to be his 2nd worst race performance ever and arguably his worse race weekend for Merc since he's been there, do I expect him to bounce back - yeah France has been a decent track for him in the past but these next 3 GP's are pretty massive for him I would say now, as while Merc & Wolff have said in the past there not about changing drivers halfway through the season, I'm sure they won't tolerate Bottas for long if he's not performing and seeing RB starting to gap them in the WCC and also putting them on the backfoot in race strategy because Perez is capable of making it 2 RB's vs Hamilton, so wouldn't surprise me if Russell got the call after Austria if Bottas is consistently out of form for the next few races.

With Williams felt sorry for Latifi as his engineer did him no favours whatsoever with that radio call to stay out despite everyone having to driver through the pits and finally you had Haas get there best results of the season and actually jump above Williams in the constructors because of Schumacher's 13th place finish, but Mazepin who once again struggled for nearly all the race ends up 14th and in the process legitimately beat Hamilton in the race o_O - let that just sink in...and on that bombshell goodnight!