25.10. GT3, GT4, TC multiclass (VLN) at Nürburgring Combined | ApexOnlineRacing.com

25.10. GT3, GT4, TC multiclass (VLN) at Nürburgring Combined


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May 6, 2015
@King-kodiak Your training is tonight :)
Although my DS server settings don't work properly, so may have to just host peer-to-peer...
Think this still offers a commentary spot though!


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Aug 6, 2016
this was fun again :)
The Porsche is a beauty on this track. Made surprisingly few big mistakes, just put it into the wall twice.
Pitted after 50min, then went 1h10min virtually with no mistake (one minor wall contact).
After your pitstop, was chasing you for 2 laps, did my fastest laps there. Then you pulled away and I noticed a big gap to P3, so I slowed down and brought it home :)

Astonishing that after about 90min all 3 GT3s were within 15-20 seconds.

We gotta do this again, maybe a 1h or 1h30min thing? replace GT4 with either Clios or Group A, or make it GT3 and TC only?
The real VLN lives from the diversity on the grid, with plenty of pro and amateur drivers in hugely diverse grids.

@King-kodiak would you be interested in commentating one of these, if we have a decent grid size?

We certainly intend to make this a series, e.g. monthly VLN social, same time slot.
Couldn't make it yesterday, but definitely will join the next time!
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Apr 13, 2016
Not the race I expected :banghead:

Sorry for the second crash. I tried to let one of the BMWs through and all of a sudden there were two LMP1s sandwiching me.



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Oct 19, 2016
Thanks @StevieSQ ! Will fill it with content tomorrow. Feel free to move this and the earlier VLN thread there, if you see a need.

@grobi0815 wrong thread? ;)