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PC 50% Race @ Monza - 7/12/2017


S13 AOR PC Split 3 Champion
Mar 6, 2017
Dunno how I got pole lol

But here's the footage of my glorious end of the race:
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Formula Karter
May 18, 2017
Thanks @Ely' for organising.

Good race for me but made too many mistakes. 5sec Stop and Go penalty for nothing(Miss the breaking zone in 1st cornet but I wait for everbody to pass) Also 2x 3sec penalty for same reason.

Soft - Medium - Soft strategy is very good but Mediums are no fun to drive. I made too many mistakes with them.

@Jirko90 We have the same strategy but after too many mistakes I tried to catch you after my last pit but Stop and Go penalty ruined it and I think you can save your tires better than me :D. I can easly say same race pace throughout the race.
Congrats for podium! Way to go Manor Team :D
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