9.3.19 - Week 13 - Endurance Pre-season race. 3hrs of Silverstone. | ApexOnlineRacing.com

9.3.19 - Week 13 - Endurance Pre-season race. 3hrs of Silverstone.

Knor The Dragon

1x iRacing Endurance League Champion
Jan 19, 2014
Also had issues with dives that never shouldve taken place, had like 5 super close moments where i needed to bail from my racing line to avoid lmps. If it wasn't preseason it would be stewards material for sure.
I can fully admit that some of my overtakes (#74 LMP1, Second half of race) was a bit on the stupid side, the maggots/beckets section was already hard to find a gap combined with the really inconsistent entry line to the first apex seemingly allowing me to sneak through only to spook people off the new line. I’ve certainly learnt this track and the overtake zones. I will say that the GTEs do know to hold their exit lines which is a nice change from iLMS

Justin || Taz

F1 Senna Equivalent
Dec 27, 2016
Agreed with the LMP comments. I know i made some mistakes in places too when being overtaken but some LMP moves could have just waited a second or so and then be better lined up


PS4 F1 League Runner & 3 Time AOR Champion
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Mar 27, 2017
Crazy race, a ton of fun. My first time driving the old layout of Silverstone, loved it. Had surprisingly decent pace and brilliant battles throughout. Huge thanks and props to @Bucefal and @Rin Hato for the battles in the first and final stints, pity about the way it ended but **** happens.

Format is good, 3 hours is pretty tough as a solo driver but it's doable. Didn't have many problems with LMPs apart from at maggots and becketts a couple of times. Rest of the track it was fine.


AOR iRacing GTE 2 time Pro-AM Champion
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Sep 2, 2018
Regarding the grid issue where some LMP's could start in middle of GTE's, I like the idea from @Merlin Cooper where we could use lap 1 to sort it out (y)

Niclas Domino

iRacing Overlay Designer & AC Skin Creator
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iRacing Coordinator
Jul 31, 2016
hmm that is a bit of a wired thing, as in the official series they normally get it's sorted by class, but ofc it helps if @Stevie had LMP as Class 1 and not as class 2 ;) Hopefully


Pro Karter
Mar 9, 2019
Well i was taken of by a lmp1 that overtaken me from then lost control and run into me.
Let's hope that next week they are abit more clean as this is 3h race.