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A gentle reminder

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The Real Moaner

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Jan 14, 2014
Good morning gentlemen.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to emphasise what is expected of you at AOR.

As an F1 league on the PS3 side, this should be the pinnacle of the website and the standard that all other drivers aspire to. In my view, this extends beyond the raw pace which you all have in abundance, but extends to other less tangible aspects such as how you conduct yourself on the site at all times and as to how you conduct yourself on the race track.

As you will all be aware, we are currently working on the sign up process for Season 8. In the event that the leagues are re-organised beyond the traditional Promotion and Relegation, we do reserve the right to take into account these factors when adjusting the league in order to ensure that the F1 league is the pinnacle that we all hope for.

Now, this post is not aimed at anyone in particular (if it were you would be informed privately) but just a reminder of what we expect. The one comment I will make however is that I was very disappointed at the amount of unnecessary wheel banging on the first lap in Korea. I would not even dare tell you all how to race but suffice to say, racing in a clean and fair manner, respecting all other competitors and adhering to track limits, is not just expected but required. Also, lag is not an excuse for contact. We all know it exists and should take precautions when dealing with it.

Just remember that whilst we all understandably expect F1 to be competitive, we are all primarily here for enjoyment.

Good luck for the remainder of the season and if you have not done so already, please sign up for Season 8 as quickly as you can in order that the moderation team can commence their work in planning for the next season.


Not open for further replies.