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    Over my many seasons of coordinating I've seen many players come and go that have amazed me with their various playing talents. They've come in several forms, play styles and approaches but all of them have one simple pattern in common, winning.

    This post is in chronological order of the season these players first showed their real class in the AOR FIFA league (or at the very least when I noticed it). I am not going to name every single good player I've come across as that would be a gigantic list. Instead, I'm going to be mentioning the stand out players and what about them struck me so much. I've had to put it into 2 parts because there were just too many individuals to name, even in this strict criteria list. I suppose that's a real credit to the quality we've had in the league over the seasons.

    @JordanMcGonigal (S1) - Much like myself I don't feel Jordan has been performing at the level he'd like in the last couple seasons. This FIFA has been especially difficult to adjust to, with many former greats having to settle for mid-table mediocrity. Go back a couple FIFAs ago though and I'd say Jordan was the strongest player in the league. Throughout the seasons I've had many opponents who I've aimed to beat but for the first 4 or 5 it was always Jordan. I felt we had some great games and very rarely would one of us just walk over the other. As to my knowledge he was also the most successful in the ARL FIFA leagues (although I have no records to confirm this so correct me if I'm wrong) and he was very unfortunate to not continue this on into the AOR's first season. He has since wrapped up a well deserved title though and has continued to play to the strengths that he founded himself upon (strong wide play with a mix of central, low tempo football). His class was made even more apparent when he scored the following goal to bag himself the AOR's first goal of the season award (winning a league members poll with a 83% vote).

    @II OASIS I (S2) - Grant, much like Jordan, also had a very strong first season but I feel his maximum potential really came to show in season 2. Running away with the title on your own in Division 1 is no easy feat. Grant though finished season 2 seven points clear of myself and was never really contested throughout the season. He created a lot of controversy with his utilisation of 5 back formations but there's no doubting it's effectiveness, with Grant securing some vital narrow wins against big opponents of the time. With him scoring 39 goals that season you'd have thought it was his attack that won him the title but I actually think it was his defence. True, he didn't have the best goals against record but when he played the big players in games that would decide the title he rarely ever put a foot wrong. If you wanted to score, you had to earn your goals. That's a sort of defensive mentality that very few have been able to match since.

    @SamBradley17 (S3) - Sam had always been a strong player for sure and our game record goes all the way back to FIFA 10. FIFA after FIFA me and him built up an infamous record of really boring, completely dull matches. 1-0, 0-0, 1-1, 0-1; everytime without fail. The average shot count would be 3/4/5 per team. So it's clear he was good, but plenty of players are 'good'. We're looking at the very best here and what made Sam the best wasn't our past record before the leagues, it was the mess during them. As of up till season 3 I could say with confidence I had never been totally outplayed by my opponent. Sure beaten fairly but not destroyed so to say. That was until my 4-1 loss to him in Season 3 where I was ran into a corner and completely done in. Not until recently (which I'll talk about in part 2 of this) have I ever felt so unmatched for my opponent on FIFA. He was unforunate to not get the title that season with me just edging it but on another day it could have been a completely different story. Simply put, I believe Sam is the strongest AOR FIFA player to date who hasn't won a title.

    @JordanK2406 (S4) - This was before he went on to win his Div 1 title but his ability was already far too obvious. He finished his debut season in Div 2 with an astounding 20-1-1 record, bagging an AOR record 61 points on the way. Also, despite his team handicap compared to Div 1 players, he managed to get as far as the semi-finals of the AOR FA Cup, beating a Div 1 player in @MrJonesyy on the way. Jordan's strength was a very simple one, he knew the game's mechanics perfectly. What to do and when came naturally to him, no thought needed. Basically, he was a natural FIFA player. His dramatic drop off in Season 6 was disappointing for him but he can look back on his two seasons of dominance with pride, acquiring an unbeaten Div 1 title on the way. I had some fierce battles with him and I've never felt the same disappointment when losing to an opponent as to when I lost to him. I can't say I've built a tonne of rivalries in AOR FIFA as I like to just take every game one at a time but in this case the battle was real. Despite the fact I finished runner-up in Season 5 for a one millionth time, I still remember this season as my most memorable due to the title race I got to have with Jordan.

    Thanks guys for joining me for part 1. In part 2 I'll be covering seasons 5 though 8 and the uprising of a sort of 'Second Generation' of AOR FIFA players. That post will be up very soon so see you then!
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