PS4 - A1 Corner Cutting during Qualifying |

PS4 A1 Corner Cutting during Qualifying

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Dec 3, 2018
Platform + League: PS4 Assist League 1
League Coordinator: @GameAholicFTW
Date: 6/10/19
Members Involved: @GFO_NicMania7_GR & @fuzailm1
Description: During qualifying @GFO_NicMania7_GR cuts the first corner and the chicane at the end of the long straight, I believe to try and gain an advantage to cross the line with enough time to do 2 qualifying laps. I think @fuzailm1 also has evidence.

Video is timestamped just before the first corner cut, if you watch along you'll see the second corner cut in the distance, but you'll also see it on the Minimap.


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Jun 14, 2018
My POV since it was asked for

Video is timestamped but 20:03 is where I see them cut the chicane, (might not be very clear on the screen but you can see the mini map).

Head Steward

Head Steward
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed all the evidence and found that @GFO_NicMania7_GR did indeed major cut the track twice to gain more time in the session. Therefore, he will receive 15 penalty points in total for his actions (7.5 penalty points for each time).

Closed. @GameAholicFTW
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