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Moved A2 - Japan - Ghosting whilst under breaking (CrackshotGang)

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F1 Coordinator
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May 20, 2018
Platform + League: Ps4 A2
League Coordinator: @NGR_EnvoyXtreme
Date: 29th March 2020
Members Involved: @Szmitski @CrackshotGang
Description: I retired after Lap 6 as wheel disconnected. So was watching everyone's race as had driving stand issues and there was a chat about people ghosting when braking by pausing the game if they braked too late. So whilst I was watching a amazing battle between @CrackshotGang and @Szmitski. Crackshot overshot the spoon curve, they fought all the way to casio triangle. In the braking zone, you can see crackshot brake too late and at @46:35 in my stream, he momentarily ghosted and went through Szmitski
Evidence : my stream @46:03


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Oct 31, 2019
Oh. I didn’t get passed him though. On board I didn’t ghost. I got close but didn’t ghost.
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