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Moved A2 Qualifying Incident

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Jul 18, 2019
Platform + League: PS4 A2
League Coordinator: @NGR_EnvoyXtreme
Members Involved: @generalgobert

Just coming out of the pits for an out lap on my only media tires. General is going slowly at turn 1 I assume to let people by.

I try to go past he turns directly into me and forced me off track. Causing heavy damage and ruining my chance to qualify on Mediums.



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Feb 24, 2020
@generalgobert thoughts and pov please

I do not know what happened during the qualification I had no indicator to show me that I had someone behind me.

and then I'm really sorry for this incident I wrote an option on the steering wheel and I turn without knowing that multirac was behind me since I had no indicator.

unfortunately i don't have a sorry pov.

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have found @generalgobert to be at fault for blocking in qualifying, he will receive a qualifying ban and 10 penalty points for this incident. Please use your mirrors and mini-map to watch for cars behind in future.

@NGR_EnvoyXtreme @multirabc
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