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PS4 A2 Unfair time penalty under safety car

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Jan 23, 2014
Platform + League: PS4 A2
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Date: 02/02/2020
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Under the safety car before the restart the leader was weaving around a bit and I had to dodge him to make sure I didn't hit him. I wasn't trying to overtake him. The game proceeded to give me a 5 second time penalty which I feel is unfair because it wasn't a massive corner cut and I gained no time from it. Also at this stage I had 3 seconds worth of penalties and was one warning away from 6 seconds. This 5 second penalty happened and then later on in the race I got another warning that still contributed to another 3 second penalty, leaving me with 11 seconds overall. Although I didn't show the race director at the end of the race, I have provided time stamps of my stream to show when I got each warning during the race.
1st Warning-45:58 (Lap 9)
2nd Warning-47:20 (Lap 10)
3rd Warning/3 Second Penalty-49:03 (Lap 11)
4th Warning-56:29 (Lap 15)
5th Warning-1:01:26 (Lap 18)
5 Second Penalty-1:09:05 (Lap 21)
6th Warning/3 Second Penalty-1:11:15 (Lap 23)
7th Warning-1:12:00 (Lap 23)
8th Warning-1:12:48 (Lap 24)
Final Penalties-1:22:00
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards agree that this penalty was harsh. Without the race director we cannot fully remove it, we will however reduce it to a 3 second time penalty.

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