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PC AC Challenge League Interseasonal.


Semi-Pro Karter
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Following ‘Farmer wants a Wife’, we now have ‘AOR Challenge League wants a Hometrack’.
We are proud to present you the ACLH Cup.

What is it.
-We are looking for a track that will be featured as AOR Challenge Leagues hometrack and we thought it would be a great idea to build a little interseasonal competition around it.
-The track should be a typical local track. So not featured in any big competitions, preferable under 3.5km, not the best conditions of the tarmac,...
-We already have a list of 6 Tracks that are fully fit for this competition but are open to your suggestions. If you know of any small local tracks that are challenging, great looking and immense fun with cup cars, please let us know.
-Come over to the discord channel to get involved. https://discord.gg/4WQennqQcU

What can you expect from it.
-The ACLHometrack will be featured in one of the Season 3 races.
-The ACLHometrack will be featured as a KotM stage.

What is the Format.
-A competition running for 3 weeks.
-The driver with the most points after 3 weeks will be the ACLH CUP champion.
-Points are 25-18-15-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 / double points for the final.
-The 2 semifinal weeks are there to get to know the tracks. A semifinal will consist of 3 qualifying sessions. One on each of the 3 tracks. After the qualifying finished, there will be a voting (voting open for 5 days on the discord) about which track is most liked as a possible ACLH.
-for voting, the driver qualifying results define how many votes you have. 20 competing drivers means P1 has 20 voting points, P2 – 19, P3 – 18,...
-The Final will be 2 races. One on the track that was the winner of semifinal 1 voting, one on the track that was the winner of semifinal 2 voting.

Semifinal 1:
-3 tracks: Blackwood (TOD 06h00)/ Tocancipa (TOD 12h00)/ Knockhill (TOD 18h00)
-1 car: Renault Clio RS CUP 2013
-quali: 3x25 minutes
-track settings: weather to real conditions
-track voting open after the last run finished until wednesday evening

Semifinal 2:
-3 tracks: Knutstorp / Atlanta Motorsports / Kicevo
-1 car: Toyota S-FR Racing 2018
-quali: 3x25 minutes race
-track settings: weather to real conditions
-track voting open after the last run finished until wednesday evening

-2 tracks: winners from the semifinals track voting
-1 car: BMW M240i Cup 2019
-quali 10 minutes / 2x30 minutes race
-track voting open after the last race finished

Download links:
Renault Clio RS CUP 2013 (amazing mod by TMM-Modding)

Toyota S-FR Racing 2018 (amazing mod by https://www.facebook.com/groups/guerillamods)

BMW M240i Cup 2019 (another amazing mod by https://www.facebook.com/groups/guerillamods)





Atlanta Motorsports



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