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Oct 14, 2019
ACC Tier + Round Number:
League Coordinator: @paleez
Date: 25/02/2019
Members Involved: @FelixR1991 @Wenlock
Owen Wenlock was driving very dangerously, resulting in numerous incidents in the 5,5 laps he managed to complete before crashing on purpose on the straight in order to quit from the race. Of the many dives I encountered, I selected the one where he actually managed to hit me. Coming out of Double Droit Wenlock made a mistake, so I pass him on the outside for the next turn, virage du bendor. I make sure to give enough space. Wenlock however feels he can wallride me to make the corner, going full throttle into my side, pushing me wide and giving him an excellent run on me for the next corner where he takes back the position.
Here are the mandatory angles:

Here's an extra angle which clearly shows how nervous his steering is (also the aftermath of the above clash):

Bonus: Wenlock 'giving up' on the race by purposefully crashing out of the race committing suzuki, creating a dangerous situation if the wall would've spat him back out on track:
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