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PC ACC Elite Tier Incident-Monza

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Feb 3, 2018
Platform + League: PC Elite
League Coordinator: @Chloé , @paleez
Date: 19.11. 2019
Members Involved: @Robin P. ,@KrypticTMG , @BIGPRENTA

People were crashing in the formation lap before the race wich led to big damage to my car.

Prenta: Lexus
Kryptic: Blue Bentley
Robin: Green Bentley

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Robin P.

Semi-Pro Karter
Sep 30, 2019
Here's my view on what happened:

The start was completely chaotic. Evens were supposed to start on the left. I qualifyied P16 and started on the left as I was supposed to do, but at least the two rows ahead of me did not switch their starting position. As we got to the start/finish line, some drivers on the right overtook me way before the race started. At least I believe they overtook before the official start, because thanks to the missing light signals there is no way, I can find out, when exactly the races starts. The problem is: We are supposed to start racing as soon as the row in front of us starts accelerating. But in almost every AOR race I competed in, people accelerated in front of me and suddenly had to brake again. So you effectively can not take this as a valid signal for the start of the race. People towards the back are always confused whether the race is actually on or not.

This confusion is responsible for the fact, that I was overtaken before the start and I bet it also decieved MTR Prenta, who ran into my back and caused this multi car crash before we even reached turn 1.



S15 AOR PS4 F3 Champion
Dec 31, 2015
I didn’t do any recording of this race but from what I gathered the grid was really messy leading up to the start of the race and ultimately caused the collision I know I probably have a part to play with it cause I pretty much rear ended pogdadl and then he kindly rear ended me back into ascari whether it was purposeful or accidental I don’t know but due to the inconsistent speed on the formation zone people wasn’t in line and this in my opinion was what caused the collision cause I didn’t know from where I was whether the race was starting or not because of the Inconsistency on the formation zone which makes it a tad harder to judge when the race starts
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