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PC ACC GT3 Season 1 - Evaluation Race 2 - Thursday 18-07-19


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AOR Assetto Corsa Competizione GT3 Leagues - Season 1
Evaluation Race 2
All drivers need to take part in at least one of the evaluation races. If you wish to take part in this one, please read the below info and reply to this thread with your Forum Name.

Remember that your evaluation race not only serve as a means for the coordinators to judge your pace, it also represents how you go about your racing and how you coordinate yourself on track and in Discord. If we feel a driver is struggling to the extent where they are unable to safely navigate the track, or their race-craft leaves a lot to be desired. We may consider declining your sign-up at this time. While we do our best to accommodate as many drivers as we can, regardless of skill. There ultimately has be a limit and if a driver is unable to conduct themselves safely on track then they will likely not be placed in a league until they can prove otherwise.

Race Information:
Race Day: Thursday 18-07-2019
Lobby opens: 7:45pm (UK time)
Time: 8:00pm (UK time)

Track: Misano
Qualifying: 15 min
Race: 45 mins

● Weather Conditions:
- Qualifying: Cloudy

- Race: Cloudy

● In-game time-of-day information:
- Qualifying: 12:00
- Race: 13:00

AOR Discord: https://discord.gg/AtdCVwg

AOR Rules on clean and fair racing apply.

Manual Rolling Start Information: Click Spoiler

- Upon the in-game green light, all cars are to remain stationary for 5 seconds. The leader will then pull away at a slow pace, and subsequently the rest of the field will pull away 1 by 1 behind them to form a single file train with no overtaking. Drivers are to drive along the middle/centre of the grid once they have pulled away to avoid any drivers to the sides with issues.
  • If a driver is to have an issue at the start, they are to indicate this as clearly as possible to those around them, either by alerting others in TS/Party Chat or by rapidly flashing headlights.
  • If the driver is able to move and then fix the problem, they are to do so by slowly pulling over to the side of the track closest to them to rectify the issue. If the driver with an issue cannot move, they are to remain stationary and rapidly flash their headlights.
    • Once the issue is resolved, they are allowed to pull away and re-form at the back of the pack in last position.
    • If the issue is resolved whilst cars are still driving past them on the grid, they are to wait and remain stationary until all drivers have passed them, and re-form at the back of the pack in last position.
  • If a driver is to sustain heavy damage at the start due to unique circumstances and through no fault of their own, the driver can go ahead of the pack once everyone is moving to enter the pits and repair any significant damage if they wish to do so. Once they leave the pits, they are to park immediately at the pit exit in a safe place and wait for the race start.
    • Please communicate if you have issues as early as possible and at the start of the formation lap process, as you will only be allowed to go ahead of the pack if the situation is obvious and the party leader approves for you to do so.
    • If the pack is moving when approval is given, all drivers are to stick to the right hand side of the circuit, no matter what track it is to allow the affected drivers through ahead of the pack.
    • For example, if you are in P4 and spin on the formation lap, you must form up at the back of the grid.
- Once the leader of the single file train has pulled away, they can accelerate up to a speed of 80mph/130kph and will then maintain that throughout the lap, slowing down clearly and gradually for any corners that require slower speeds, and then accelerating up to the limit of 80mph/130kph. The rest of the drivers in the train are to follow the leader around the lap, sticking to a similar pace and maintaining safe distances to drivers around them for tyre and braking warming.
  • Weaving and warming of the brakes is allowed whilst single file, and drivers should be aware that other drivers will be doing this, allowing for sufficient room and ensuring brake warming is done with sufficient space without danger to other drivers.
  • If a driver spins off at any point in the formation lap, they are to hold their position, wait for the train of cars to pass through and re-form at the back of the grid in last position.
  • If a driver sustains light damage during the formation lap from contact with another car, but doesn't spin or lose grid position, they will NOT be allowed to go ahead for repairs and must pit after the FIRST racing lap.
- The cars will remain in a single file train until a designated point on the circuit called 'The Formation Point', usually a corner or couple of corners before the start finish line depending on the circuit and it's layout. These will be clearly communicated and displayed in the relevant thread for each circuit before the race starts for every driver to see.
  • At the formation point, the leader will slow down to 50mph/80kph and the 2nd placed driver, will pull alongside to form a second train.
  • The grid will then split into the two trains forming a 2 x 2 formation, with drivers forming up on the opposite side of the circuit to the driver in the position immediately above them. For example at Silverstone, all drivers in an odd numbered position (1,3,5,7 etc) will split to the right hand side of the circuit and all drivers in an even numbered position (2,4,6,8 etc) will move to the left hand side of the circuit.The formation should look like this from a bird's eye view:
  • 2--1
Formation zone:

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