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PC ACC GT3 Season 1 - Evaluation Race 2 - Thursday 18-07-19


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Jul 9, 2016
Few things regarding Eval Race 2:

- AOR Discord: https://discord.gg/AtdCVwg If you don't have ACC permissions ask for them in permission requests.
- Servers are ApexOnlineRacing.com #1, #2, #3 (if needed) | S1 Eval Race #1 ....Password will be in discord.
- We'll meet up in ACC Social Channel then divide into Tiers which will be PUSH To Talk so bind a key. Tier 1 = fast guys, etc..
- Once racing begins keep chatter to a min.
- Read about Manual Rolling Start/Formation Lap. Click the spoiler on page 1. 130KPH then 50-80 KPH in formation zone.
- Leaders let's push back the Formation Zone to after the LAST right hand corner. Top 4 it is helpful if you form up fast and slow down as needed.
- We may do a dry run of the Formation Lap but if everything is going well then we'll let the leader start the race. COMMUNICATE please!
- There is no mandatory pit stop.
- If you take a lot of damage, resetting to the pits is an option for the Eval Race. Careful on your EXIT!
- If we have a big pile up in turns 1-3 we might restart it so be prepared for that.


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