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PC ACC GT3 Season 1 - Evaluation Race 2 - Thursday 18-07-19

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Oct 23, 2016
Can't be there for this afterall. Spending some time with the family tonight. I did do Tuesday already so we should be good :)
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Jul 12, 2019
is there gonna be anymore practice or social races? i need more heavy fuel practice i died on 2nd last corner 3 times


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Jul 9, 2016
@Tranq we'll have a Social Event July 23rd, I'll get it posted.


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Jun 13, 2016
If somebody has the results from server 2 it would be nice if you post if would mean a lot to me :D


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May 18, 2015
That was great fun, was nice to get back into sim racing after a 10 month break, although I need to calculate my fuel better had to fuel save for the last lap or so & ran out coming round the last corner just managing to coast over the line.:ROFLMAO:


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Mar 26, 2019
Disaster eval race for me. Lost the setup i found on youtube when qualifying started as i clicked on save instead of load. So it saved the default setup over the existing one. So had to use default for the entire event. Then struggled in qualifying and got 15th. Then after quali the game decided to put me on the grid immediately without the option og adding fuel so only had 12 litres of fuel at the start. Start was okay, made up a couple of places in 3 laps but then i had to pit. Put in (almost) enough fuel and went out again. Was a pretty lonely race until about 6 minutes to go where i caught up to a couple of guys and made up 5 positions. But ran out of fuel just before the end and had to hold in the clutch and free the car to the finish line. Lost a few places but all in all not too bad. Apologies for the car that hit me in the rear on the finish straight at the end. I was trying to get the car over the finish line and then i died and tried to get it back up and running again and BANG! Completely my fault there so i do apologize. I think it was a lambo that hit me.. But my race pace was pretty decent for a default setup. Mid to low 35's on very worn tyres at the end. So fingers crossed i pass this eval test
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Dec 12, 2018
I also enjoyed the race despite the fact finishing last.
Not an excuse but still must find the correct settings for my NLR Motion Platform V3 in ACC and struggle with the base setups i run with for the moment. Anyway the first 5 or six laps were clean and ok for me from 15th to 9th place until i spun.
Also need a lot to learn how the pits works regarding dt penaties and refueling.

But hopefully i recieve the trust and counts my finishing 5th overall in last GT3 AOR PC2 league.

Thnx for organise the eval and qualy races so far and looking forward to more ACC racing with you guys!
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AOR XB1 GT3 S12 T3 Champion
Jan 13, 2019
My first race in AOR and it was an absolute pleasure. Despite the loss of 4 SA points for the 2 false starts, the race was almost clean from lap 1 till the end in this very tricky track. Great battles with @LiboCZ, @ApexMaibom and flask. See you soon.
Yeah great racing and particularly good to see people behave through the first couple of corners.
Good fun racing you and going a fair bit up the order eventually being in 5th I think. Really enjoyed our long battle that ended in a little bit of a dirty move up the inside;) but good fun racing nontheless(y)
After that my race went downhill, trying to defend at the same turn from @hollowdene being a lap down, squeezing him to the inside before the braking zone and being sideways punted into the wall collecting a lot of damage and having to pit for repairs. Could have saved my self another pit stop, had I realised not having enough fuel to go for the rest of the race but unfortunately didn’t and ended up way down the pack.

Looking forward for more close hard racing when the season kicks off :cool: