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PC ACC GT3 Season 1 - Pro - Driver Introduction thread


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Jun 3, 2016

ACC GT3 Season 1 - Pro Tier - Driver Introduction

Hello and welcome to Season 1 of the ACC GT3 Leagues.

The purpose of this thread is to give you a chance to introduce yourself to the other drivers, so we can get to know about each other :)

For instance, you could start with a few items:
1) Tell us about yourself. (e.g. name, age, occupation, favourite track etc.)
2) Have you participated in AOR leagues? If so in which series and how did it go?
3) What do you hope to achieve during this season? Any rivals you want to beat?

Let's start with yours truly :whistle:

It's been a while I've been racing on AOR, I joined in the summer of 2016 for the season 6 of Project Cars GT3 league. At the time I was only a poor student playing on Xbox and a pad, and now I'm still a poor student, but with a PC and a TX Leather wheel :LOL:
After a break from simracing in order to focus on my automation studies, I decided to come back and sign up to AC leagues this summer. Back then on Xbox, we had awesome races, very fair, and with 30 cars on track this time, I'm looking forward to see how the races develop.

My personal goal for this season, is to learn the car and be consistent. Guys like Andrex and Seppel are a reference for me so i'm personally interested to learn by racing with them.

I'm looking forward to race you all on the track and have some banter as well :)
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Uncle Benz

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Jul 8, 2019
Hey, i`m from Germany, 49 years old, engineer, married and father of 3 kids.

I started simracing in 2016 with Assetto Corsa. Switched to Project Cars 2 in 2017 from where i know a lot of the other drivers here. Switched to iracing end of 2018 and now the new fascination is ACC.
My absolute favorite track is the Nordschleife, followed by Bathurst. In ACC it is Silverstone. In PC2 the track felt like a parking lot but in ACC the track has become a soul in my opinion.
I am going to the Nordschleife 3 or 4 times a year to watch the VLN races. My favorite spots there are Klostertal and Wippermann.
I haven`t joined AOR so far because the races took part at the bedtime of my youngest daughter.

Hmm what do i hope to achieve ? I think my goal is that everyone will remind me as a skilled and fair driver. I don`t have a rival to beat but i'm looking forward to race Shaggy again like in the good old PC2 days.

See you on track !

Michael Loosen

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Jul 9, 2019
Hey Guys,

I'm also from Germany, 30 years old and work in insurance management. My favourite track is the Nürburgring Nordschleife (i live only 1 hour away from it).

Started out with F1 games like grand Prix 2, F1 99-02 to gtr2, rfactor, Assetto corsa, iracing and now ACC.

This is my first aor league, therefore I have no rivals yet haha.

My goal is to (finally) experience what this game CAN offer. A realistic multiplayer experience like iracing is, but with an imo much better simulation in terms of graphics, sound, tire model, ffb etc. That ACC is in comparison to iracing.

Clean, fair and close/competitive racing is what I'm looking for, as well as a series where you can experience the different cars (yours and the others') strengths and weaknesses.

It will be great fun I'm sure.

Backe Gabrielsen

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May 18, 2018
Hello there,

I'm 43 years young, originally come from Finland but since 2010 I live and breath in Norway with my wife and two cats.
I work as construction designer on a heatrecovery/ventilation company.
My first season with simracing was S12 in PC2 GT3, where I ended up 2nd in T3 (after some dropouts, should for sure had max P3 but anyhow)
After me being introduces to ACC I barely have touched PC2 and really look forward to many seasons with "real" endurance races.

My hopes for this season is to get out of that reserve spot and be able to participate, and to get faster as a driver.

Marlon Andrade

Formula 4 1st Driver
Jul 15, 2019
Hello everyone,

Marlon here, a 34 year old iOS engineer originally from Brazil, living with wife and two cats in the Netherlands for a bit over 3 years now. I was always fascinated by racing games and I have really fond memories of racing with a keyboard on Grand Prix 2 and 3 and a few of the Gran Turismo when much younger =).

I started on sim racing very recently (beginning of this year) when I finally made the commitment to get a wheel and build a nice setup. On my initial searches on where to start I discovered AOR and was trying to follow the PC2 seasons, and decided that I would join it as soon as I felt at least a little bit comfortable with a game. Because of that I started racing on PC2, mostly against AI and testing lots of different categories until ~ 2 weeks ago I saw this ACC season and decided to get the game and try to join.

Since this is my first season here my goal is to try to learn as much as possible, be consistent, competitive and fair somewhere on the grid and hope to have some fun and make new friends =)

Happy to be part of this group, hope u all enjoy racing against/with me and see u on the paddock o/


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Mar 9, 2016
Hello fellow competitors,

My name is Seppel and I am 35years old from Germany. I work at the famous Nürburgring as Senior Productmanager Merchandise and live about 12km away from 'The Hell'.

I started (sim)racing with Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix titles and started on league racing with Forza2... Man I am old... I joined AOR for Season 4 (!!!) of Pcars GT3 and raced the last 9 consecutive seasons in T1 on XBox. I also did some filler leagues with TC and Indy's and raced the first 4 seasons of AC on XB1 (winning the first one), with a little sidestep into the F1 leagues during F1 2016.

Early this year I had a bad accident doing sport and seriously injured my shoulder which caused a surgery to get everything back where it belongs. Whilst recovering I fullfilled a dream which was long in my head but I hadn't had the funds. (I have to feed 5 kids...) I switched to PC and built myself a rocketship with a Rhyzen7 and a RTX2080. Unfortunately I wasn't able to race for about 3 months as I couldn't raise my arm more than 30°.
Nevertheless I am now back to racing and my first league on PC will be this one and I am really looking forward to a big and competitive field. As I am a long time member on AOR I know some names from former races to be very quick and not the usual T2 driver like @AndrexUK or @JKay14
I am pleased to be called from my mate @Def who I raced in a season on ProjectCars which I can't even remember anymore.

My goal for the season is to get used to racing on PC (as it is a lot more different than you think) and get some confidence back in the shoulder as I am still struggling to catch a slide.

See you on track or at 'The Hell'


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Jul 15, 2019
hey Guys,
I'm Alex, 26 years old and from Gemany aswell and I'm currently working as a Train-Mechanic at a car-manufacturer. Yes, sounds odd but it's the truth :)

I grew up with Motorsport like Formula One and MotoGP and with Gaming in generall. I've been racing since I was a Kid, starting with games like Grand Prix 2 and Toca but it was only after I "invested" in a Fanatec and build my own Rig that I felt ready for better Competition. So this is my first experience with a racing League and I'm really looking forward to it.

My goal is just to race in a competitive environment and do as best I can, be consistent, as fast as possible and to have fun :D

Tobias Baumann

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Jul 15, 2019
Hello league racers
My name is Tobias, i‘m 23 years old and currently an engineering student from germany.
I‘ve been playing racing games since i was a kid starting with Gran Turismo on my brothers Playstation. My favorite track ist the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Back then in Need for Speed Shift i drove the Nordschleife for so long that i could probably drive it blind.
Now i love to play AC, ACC and Raceroom.
Online races in these games were a real pain in the a** so i decided to join a league to have some real competitive races with clean and fast drivers.
Since this is my first league my goals are to get comfortable around other fast drivers and drive consistent laps. I‘m looking forward to some good racing with you guys.


GP2 Test Driver
Nov 18, 2016
Willkommen in ACC Pro Cup Deutschland :)

Hello everyone, my name is Martin 33 years old, engineer by degree and after the university decide to start my own company based in Marburg (Germany) and producing wrought iron. Im traveling often in order to secure parts and materials. Long time simracing fan i remember been very litte and playng some f1 game on 386 CPU and DOS :)) I buy a wheel and join AOR almost 2 years ago in Project Cars leagues and learned and improve so much since than.
Recently decide to bring my sim racing passion on new level and using my experience in producing custom metal parts i build my own simrig and soon when the matrix for mass production are ready i will start selling commercially. My idea is to bring rock solid solution on good price but we will see if it will be just a hobby or new business for me.

Wish everyone good luck and a lot of fun.


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Feb 16, 2018
Hello everyone, my name is Tim and I am a 22-year-old student, studying electrical engineering in the Netherlands. I really enjoyed racing in the Pcars AOR leagues in the last years and met a lot of clean and fair racers. I just started racing in VR so I hope this game can give me the next level of immersion and a ton of close battles!

I wish everyone good luck and I am looking forward to battle you on track!

(Ps. if anyone wants to team up in the Lexus dm me)


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Mar 26, 2019
Hello all,

The name is Jason, 28 years old from South Africa. Been sim racing since 2014 but playing racing games from a very young age like need for speed and gran turismo. Been enjoying the online racing scene locally here, but it's time to join the best in the world. My only weakness is working on setups which can be my down fall, but i make it work to the best of my abilities. I'm looking forward to learn even more by racing in AOR and can't wait to go racing. See you on track!


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May 18, 2015
Hi everyone, My name is Mark & I live in a small seaside town in the East of England, I'm a motor vehicle technician at the local Ford dealership

At 54 think I can safely say I'm gonna be one of the oldest ones in Tier 2. I've been around AOR for 4 years since the release of Pcars 1 & raced on ps4 upto S7, when Pcars 2 was released I switched to PC because I wanted to get into VR so invested in an Oculus Rift.

Raced up until the end of S10 when I decided to take a break so after being away for a little while I'm looking forward to dusting off the cobwebs racing on ACC. Looking at the Tier 2 line-up there are some familiar name's & some fast guy's so I expect this tier to be very competitive Anyway hopefully some good racing ahead


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Aug 27, 2018
Victor, 26 from Sweden. Currently working as a warehouse slave but starting my logistics management studies in 4 weeks. Joined AOR about a year ago after beeing fed up with public lobbies. Started out racing in PC2 like most people here I guess and then moved on to iRacing and the awesome thing that is turning left for 200 laps (yes oval racing is more fun fight me). I've raced a few people here before and looking forward to doing it again.

Goal for the season is simply to beat @Vansinnes


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May 7, 2018
Andy, 34 from London. I used to be a tech journalist and editor. I still work in online publishing but in a slightly different capacity these days doing what we term audience development, which basically amounts to SEO and editorial strategy with a bunch of other bits and bobs (e.g. video) thrown in.

I've always loved racing games, but only got into the sim racing / competitive side of things when GT Sport came out. Started on a G29 and played pretty religiously for over a year. Upgraded to a Fanatec CSL Elite and then, more recently, to a load cell brake as well.

My favourite track? It's a toss up between Silverstone and Spa, but I'd probably go with Silverstone. Honourable mention to Road America as well.

I competed in the second season of the AOR GT Sport league, which I won. After that I've switched to PC, mainly to play ACC specifically. I've dabbled in RaceRoom (I did a DTM 92 league earlier this year) and got out of rookies in iRacing but haven't played it much since. I imagine I'll end up getting properly into iRacing at some point as I really want to do some serious endurance racing, but I'd rather do it in ACC if I can. Honestly, I hoped the online side of ACC would be a bit more developed than it's turned out, but it's early days.

As for this season, I want to be competitive, consistent and learn a lot more about setting up cars. Just started using MoTec and getting my head around bump and rebound at the moment.


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Jul 23, 2018
Victor, 26 from Sweden. Currently working as a warehouse slave but starting my logistics management studies in 4 weeks. Joined AOR about a year ago after beeing fed up with public lobbies. Started out racing in PC2 like most people here I guess and then moved on to iRacing and the awesome thing that is turning left for 200 laps (yes oval racing is more fun fight me). I've raced a few people here before and looking forward to doing it again.

Goal for the season is simply to beat @Vansinnes

Fucking easy man :p you already have.


F1 Race Winner
Feb 8, 2018
Hi guys

I'm Aku, 39 from Finland. I'm a software developer/designer/something dabbling also with some hardware related stuff.

You could say I'm a veteran in sim racing, started racing competitively back in Grand Prix Legends and Nascar sometime around year 2000. Raced in the Finnish GPL championship league until I took a short 15 year break from sim racing.

I joined AOR for PC2 GT3 season 9 few years ago and raced with many familiar faces here. Still very new to ACC and trying desperately to learn the handling and get somewhat competitive in order to not be kicked down to Am-tier. :eek: