PC - ACC GT3 Season 1 - Pro - ROUND 3 - Hungaroring - 13.08.19 @8PM UK TIME | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC ACC GT3 Season 1 - Pro - ROUND 3 - Hungaroring - 13.08.19 @8PM UK TIME


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May 18, 2015
As others have said I also seem to struggle in qualifying in ACC although I've never been great at hot laps I generally did better in pc2

When the race started in the rain I thought "Oh hell you've not done any practice at all in wet conditions", luckily I had a wet setup saved that I used at Nurburgring. All went pretty well making up a few places when others went off,

Found myself in 5th place but with a fast approaching @Michael Loosen I made a small mistake allowing him past. Still, all was going well until just over 5 mins to go, approaching a back marker coming into the second to last corner I miss judged it & spun hitting the wall slight & stalling the car, it seemed an age before I got restarted & going again but by then I had lost the gap to @IAteAGnomeOnce & he past me on the start finish straight, but in the middle sector of the last lap he spun gifting me 6th place back, so pleased with my best result of the season.

Congrats to @AndrexUK for the win & @Martin Schumacher @Marlon Andrade rounding off the podium