PS4 ACC GT3 Season 1 - Tier 1 - Race 2- Zolder [22/09/2020 7:30pm UK]

Benji McCluskey

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Jul 24, 2019
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Quali - P5
Race - P4

During practice we unfortunately experienced a server crash, but a server restart seem to run smoothly and luckily could get racing at the scheduled time :)

Qualifying I managed to improve quite a lot from the practice race the night before. Looking back at the lap I lost maybe 1-2 tenths not getting the best exit through the chicanes, which isn't much but was the difference between a front row start and 5th. Qualifying yet again was extremely close and competitive.

The race itself I got boxed in through turn 1, which put me into a bad position for turn 2, where I lost 2 spots due to lack of traction off line. After that I tried to stay out of trouble while trying to run at the leaders pace, with people making a few early mistakes promoting myself to P4. While coming out of the pits, I rejoined side by side with @PCR_Mefju, but I think he lost control over a puddle and spun across the track in front of me. I only just managed to slam the brakes on and avoid hitting him, but unfortunately Mefju hit the barrier.

As the fuel load drops in the Porsche, the balance of the car completely changes, making the rear unstable. This meant that every corner, the car was on the edge of spinning out in the last 5-10 minutes. In the end I had reduce the pace and settle for 4th place.

Congrats to @Octane-06 for winning, and @Konstantin Sugrobov and @Gazza on the podium.

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@KimiVodkanen I want to make things clear so I'll provide you the replay (anyway if I made something wrong, I apologize and hope stewards will give me a penalty): after being destroyed as usual on L1, I went to pits with a damaged car. When I came out I was right in front of P1 and had the opportunity to try to stay in front. This is a summary of events in the replay ():
- 0:51 -- I was slowly pulling away from P1 but made a mistake and let him through
- 5:11 -- same happened with P2, I had the same pace as P1 and tried to stay with him (never defended) until I made another mistake, missed the braking point and went wide. At that point P2 went through without problems
- 5:17 - this is the incident you described. Even though you stated "several laps" you stayed behind me for about 4/5 seconds. Since my mistake I hadn't the possibility to stay in front of you without disturbing your race so I immediately: 1) moved out of the racing line, 2) enlightened my right turn arrow; 3) started to lift. Here what's stated in league rules: 2.1.1 ...In single class races, this is done best by the car that is being shown a blue flag moving off the racing line and easing on the accelerator on a straight, or lifting/braking early, and/or giving up the corner and racing line to let the lapping car pass.

The problem is that you tried to overtake me out of the racing line (where I should move to let you through) while I was telling you to pass me on the right. I'm sorry if you crashed but this could be avoided by simply staying on your line. If you think this should be moved to stewards I'm happy with that.

FYI: as stated in league rules (2.1.3) if you are faster than a car that lapped you, you are allowed to try and unlap yourself by avoiding to defend from the car behind. As shown in the replay I have never defended by taking the inner line or moving left-to-right.

@Константин Пинчуков: stop acting like a baby. Stewards are looking after the replay and will give the verdict (btw from that incident I moved from P2 to P20 - with damaged car- while you gained a position, so I don't get how I ruined your race).
Hey chap, just for reference, why don't you have the rear-view mirror?


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Sep 11, 2016
Hi man! On YouTube a Kunos Dev (Aris) said that removing the rear-view mirror makes you gain few FPS on the PC version.. this should apply also on console version :)
The impact on FPS is really marginal and I don't think you will benefit from it. We are not on PC ;)
Think turning a rear mirror on so you can see what is happening behind you is safer then trying to squeeze 1 more FPS on your screen.