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PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - AM - Car and Team Registration

Steve Allan

F1 Test Driver
May 12, 2019
Changing Car:
Name: Steve Allan
Old Car: AMR V12 Vantage GT3
New Car: Mclaren 720S GT3
Custom Livery: No
In-game team: Mclaren Shadow Project Variant number 4
Entry Number: 720
I know that my points will reset when I switch my car again: Yes
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Pro Karter
Oct 10, 2019
Notice of car change, Yes I know the few points I have will be reset :D

Name: Edward Crawford
Old Car: McLaren 720 2 GT3
New Car: Ferrari 488 GT3
Custom Livery: No
In-Game Team:
AF Corse
Entry Number: 59
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