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PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Pro-AM - Main Thread


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Jun 3, 2016

AOR ACC GT3 Leagues - Season 2
Pro-AM Tier Main Thread

This is the main thread for the ACC GT3 league Pro-AM tier - here you can chat about anything with your fellow tier drivers. The tier coordinators will also update penalty points for drivers' license.

Important Links:
League Rules
Race Calendar
Stewards Panel

AOR Discord: https://discord.gg/AtdCVwg

Race Day/Time:

Race day: Tuesdays
Event start: 8:00pm (UK time)

● Tier Coordinators:

Drivers and Teams:


● Penalty points:

@Alireza d1 : 5pp
@Narley : 20pp
@jura : 10pp

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Dec 23, 2017
Change to league rules:

After some discussions, due to the impending 1.10/2019 ACC patch and its likelihood to initially cause some drivers some issues, to help improve the competitiveness of the league championships, and for various other reasons we have decided to amend the rules for the championship scoring of the league prior to round 1:

Championship Points System:
Best 7 results: The final championship standings will be determined by the total points earned over the best 7 results for each driver (Essentially your worst result of the season will be dropped from your final points total)

NOTE: While an announced/informed non-attendence/DNS at a round can be dropped, as can a DNF, 'un-announced no-shows' may not be dropped, so be sure to inform your coordinator in advance if you cannot attend a race.

Clarification/Reminder about 'Mandatory Pit stops'

The mandatory stop required as part of the league rules, does not require any work to be carried out on your car (no tyre change or refuelling required), all that is required is that you stop completely in your box with your engine off, and providing you have no damage you should be lifted, then immediately lowered, and you can exit the pits.

At this point in time (Round 1) there are some issues with how the in-game MFD/Hud updates after completing the mandatory stop. It is likely that even after completing your mandatory stop that the MFD will continue to say "MANDATORY 0/1". As long as you have completed your stop in the required window, this is not an issue.

If anyone has any questions, please reply here or contact your tier coordinator directly.


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May 16, 2018
Please welcome @TKRapt0r in this tier who is joining us a reserve, make sure to flash him on track