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PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Pro - Driver Introduction Thread


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Jun 3, 2016

ACC GT3 Season 2 - Pro Tier - Driver Introduction

Hello and welcome to Season 2 of the ACC GT3 Leagues.

The purpose of this thread is to give you a chance to introduce yourself to the other drivers, so we can get to know about each other :)

For instance, you could start with a few items (you don't have to follow it to the letter!!)
1) Tell us about yourself. (e.g. name, age, occupation, favourite track etc.)
2) Have you participated in AOR leagues? If so in which series and how did it go?
3) What do you hope to achieve during this season? Any rivals you want to beat?

Last season, I said I wanted to learn the car and be consistent. I'll switch from the 488 so that still applies:
Let's start with yours truly :whistle:

It's been a while I've been racing on AOR, I joined in the summer of 2016 for the season 6 of Project Cars GT3 league. At the time I was only a poor student playing on Xbox and a pad, and now I'm still a poor student, but with a PC and a TX Leather wheel :LOL:
After a break from simracing in order to focus on my automation studies, I decided to come back and sign up to AC leagues this summer. Back then on Xbox, we had awesome races, very fair, and with 30 cars on track this time, I'm looking forward to see how the races develop.

My personal goal for this season, is to learn the car and be consistent. Guys like Andrex and Seppel are a reference for me so i'm personally interested to learn by racing with them.

I'm looking forward to race you all on the track and have some banter as well :)
Even though I hadn't had much expectations in terms of results or standings last season, I was still a bit disappointed when it ended. Actually I didn't have time to practice cause I was gettin' that money and puttin' in additional shifts at my summer job like crazy. I used some quali sessions as practice and that didn't turned out well as you can imagine. However I was very happy that I could gain places in most of the races thanks to my racecraft. So, more of the same this season hopefully, and better starting positions :)
The tier is going to be even more competitive with S1 Elite drivers joining, some quick new guys, and the ever present @AndrexUK

Looking forward to it!!!!! :eek:
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Oct 8, 2019
Well, guess I'll start then :D

Hi everyone, I'm Julian!

I'm actually quite exited to get started here, since I've never been in a league. But this place seems to be ideal for people like me. SimRacing kind of got in my mind when I first heard about Assetto Corsa. Before then, I didn't really know what SimRacing is and why it is a thing, even though back then I was already being happy hotlapping F1 cars from the 2006 to 2012 season on rFactor.

Since I'm living on my own for quite some time now, I chose this to be the right moment for me to be joining my first league. ACC has really surprised me in terms of driving experience and the lack of competetive online lobbies lead me to this point.

I'm super stoked about driving in a strong field of equally-paced drivers that can put up a challenge but still treat you in a fair manner. And as I'm kind of a statistics nerd I more than approve the fact that we get to have a look at our own specific point scoring sheet :p

Talking about favourites (in ACC): Favourite car is the Huracán, I just absolutely love the whole package. Favourite track probably is Silverstone. As much as I would've loved to say Spa, I just can't get consistent around Eau Rouge in ACC :whistle:

My goal here is to enjoy myself first of all, thats the main thing. But I also would like to get a more consistent race pace. Quali has always been fine, but I could never put a good pace on the tarmac for 60 minutes straight (Issues of a former hotlapper). Thankfully it's getting better but there still lots to improve. And my last wish is to finally get the hang of setting up a car. As for now I'm actually useless other than setting up tyre pressures and electronics. Running with the stock setup only can only get you so far...

Quite a long introduction, I know. But I thought I might as well go all in as it's my first time introducing myself properly to the SimRacing scene! :D

Hope to hear from some of you as well and see you on track!
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Thomas Hozé

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Nov 13, 2017
Hey peeps :)
I'm Thomas, i'm french sim racer playing ACC since the very first beta day!
In my daily job life i'm FX Artist in MPC Montréal, for people not knowing what FX Artist stands for, it's basically the crazy peeps that do the visual effects for movies :D
More specific to racing now, I follow blancpain GT series since now 4 years I believe and it's been a very long time I wanted to join AOR but due to studies I couldn't really join until now.
So excited to start ahah.

Also I newly created a new YouTube channel where there will be for sure many ACC videos, already uploaded 2 this week, feel free to have a look down there ;)
Ælleden's Youtube Channel right here :)

Cya on track !!


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Oct 31, 2017
Hello mates :)

My name is Tobias Schmid and I'm living in Switzerland.
Maybe someone of you know me because of my youtube account (theschmid) were you will find setups for different cars and tracks ;)
For this league you will stream my onboard to so after a race feel free to see it :cool:

This is my second ACC league on AOR but this time I was downgraded because of my bad results last season :LOL: but this is also good because in the Tier 1 there a guys who would rather kill you to get that one position! The second good thing is that in the Tier2 you will see much more different cars :love:

So after my recovery of my injury on my shoulder I will be back and I will fight for some good results :)

For anyone which are looking for fast setups here my youtube channel :)



Formula 4 2nd Driver
Oct 2, 2019
Hey everyone!
My name is Luca and I come from the hometown of two famous car manufacturers in Germany. Guess where it is :p
I‘m 22 years of age and a student in „automotive engineering“. That could be one reason why I often spend too much time into the car setup menu or MoTec, instead of focus on the driving ;)

I have been playing Assetto Corsa since its very beginning, but I never thought about competing in a league at that time. When ACC has been revealed, it got my attention immediately, because I‘m a huge fan of the GT3 class. I was spending a good amount of time with ACC in the last few months and made a lot of progress, also by switching from an old G27 to the Thrustmaster TS-PC with T3PA pedals. (super solid stuff btw (y))

Then I saw parts of the Season 1 on Youtube and started to become interested. Well, now I’m here and about to start my first AOR league, so I will focus on clean and consistent racing for sure. I know that there are probably some more experienced drivers in this league, so I don‘t expect finishing in the top quarter. Anyway, I‘m really excited to be part of it and get to know you guys more! :)


Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Feb 6, 2018
Hey guys

I'm Jay, 44yo, dad of 2, living in/near Berne, Switzerland. I'm a financial controller in a medium sized IT business. Favourite track: in ACC I guess still Spa, together with Misano, I dig this one, even if I didn't knew it at all before coming into this game.

I was part of 3 AOR PCARS2 GT3 seasons, 2x in Pro, 1x in Pro-AM-Tier. Had a mediocre freshman and a quite good sophomore and 3rd season. Nevertheless I feel this is gonna be a tough one for me in this tier, it's insane how close and competitive AOR leagues are. Looking forward to race you guys I already know as well as the new people I don't know yet. Pedal to the metal!


Formula 4 1st Driver
May 30, 2018
Hello from Germany :)

My name is Tobias Geider and I´m 26 years old. Currently I´m working as mechatronics engineer in a planning office.
I live in a village next to Hockenheim, so that´s my favourite track for sure (y)
Coming from Project Drift 2 I still struggle with getting a decent Feedback and adapting my driving still but I hope this will get better soon.
I see this season will be a mixture between familiar names and some new guys.
All in all i want to have some nice and fair battles on the track as I am hopefully improving to be a bit morecompetitive.

This season will be great! ;)

Tobias Baumann

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Jul 15, 2019
Hey my name ist Tobias Baumann and i'm 24 years old. I'm currently studying Mechatronics and i'm living near Frankfurt, Germany.
I took part in ACC AOR Season 1 and i'm hoping to get a bit more consistency and pace this season. My favourite track is (of course) the Nürburgring Nordschleife :D
As last season i'm hoping for some nice and competitive races and fights.
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Feb 8, 2018
Hi my name is Aku and I'm approaching my 40th birthday here in northern Finland.

I've been racing in AOR for several seasons since early 2018. 5 seasons in PC2 GT3 and few endurance seasons. Also did last ACC season (with very limited success).

Really looking forward for a new season and getting back to racing after a long break. First race already had some great battles, hoping to do more of the same for the rest of the season and focus on having fun and keeping it clean.


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Aug 27, 2018
Hi my name is Victor, 26 year old logistics student from Sweden.

I've been racing in AOR for a year now starting out in Project Cars 2 then moved over for a short stint in iRacing and now focusing on ACC. Awesome seeing so many of the old PC2 tier 2 drivers in this tier as well :D

I don't have any real goals for the season more than to hopefully have some fun races. Looking forward to race all of you on track!