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PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Pro - Round 4 - Brands Hatch - 12/11/19 @8PM UK Time


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Dec 23, 2017

ROUND 4 - Brands Hatch

Event Information:
● Date: Tuesday 12-11-2019

● Lobby opens: 7:45pm (UK time)

● Pre-Race Briefing: 7:55pm (UK time)

● Event starts: 8:00pm (UK time)

● Event format:
- Qualifying: 15 minutes
- Race: 60 minutes

Mandatory pit window:
Pitlane opens after 25 minutes (35 minutes left of race time)
Pitlane closes after 35 minutes (25 minutes left of race time)

● Weather Conditions:
- Qualifying: Medium Rain

- Race start: Medium Rain

● In-game time-of-day information:
- Qualifying time: 11:00
- Race start time: 12:00 (x1 time acceleration)

● Server settings:
  "track": "brands_hatch_2019",
  "eventType": "E_6h",
  "preRaceWaitingTimeSeconds": 120,
  "sessionOverTimeSeconds": 150,
  "postQualySeconds": 60,
  "postRaceSeconds": 120,
  "ambientTemp": 24,
  "trackTemp": 24,
  "cloudLevel": 0.6,
  "rain": 0.45,
  "weatherRandomness": 0,
  "sessions": [
      "hourOfDay": 12,
      "dayOfWeekend": 2,
      "timeMultiplier": 1,
      "sessionType": "P",
      "sessionDurationMinutes": 120
      "hourOfDay": 11,
      "dayOfWeekend": 2,
      "timeMultiplier": 1,
      "sessionType": "Q",
      "sessionDurationMinutes": 15
      "hourOfDay": 12,
      "dayOfWeekend": 3,
      "timeMultiplier": 1,
      "sessionType": "R",
      "sessionDurationMinutes": 60
  "configVersion": 1

Manual Rolling Start Information: (remember, in game, the green flag will be waved, but we'll do the AOR formation lap)


● Formation Point:

At this point, the leader must decelerate to a speed of 50 mph/80 kph. P1 and the odd numbers line up on the RIGHT, P2 and the even numbers on the LEFT.


● Acceleration Zone:

In this zone, the leader is free to put the foot down whenever he wants. The leader must not go past the end of the zone without accelerating.
The start of the zone is at the marshall tower


The end of the zone is the Start/Finish line.
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Jul 10, 2019
Sorry guys I have to skip this round, not feeling well today. Good luck for every one in the race.


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Mar 26, 2019
apologies but i wont be able to race tonight. got one massive migraine today and with all the meds i had to take i wont be fit to race. have fun and enjoy the wet.
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Oct 8, 2019
Well, this race was the pinnacle of intelligence from my side.

First of all I moved my pedals towards me a bit by putting firm slippers between the pedals and the wall behind that because my seating position was baaad (way too close to the steering wheel). Unfortuately the left slipper slipped (no pun intended) away and I had to drive with my pedals at an angle of about 20 degrees until the pit stop. Even though my pace lacked quite a lot because of that I somehow survived and made it into the pits.

Knowing the tyre deg was huge for me I changed tyres, giving me time to reposition my slippers in the right place. After the stop I wondered why my pressures were going down and why I'm sliding all over the place (resulting in me hitting the wall quite heavily) until I realized I put freaking slicks on.

So yeah. Pit again, change to wets, repair damage and suddenly I'm three Laps down in P23.

I'm going much more confident into Monza as I belive my worst tracks are done now and I can now concentrate on the remaining races.

Still, had some amazing fights. All in all a incredibly clean race as well (compared to the other splits) and congrats to the three podium finishers!
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Feb 8, 2018
That was some fun and tight racing! Had so much fun fighting my way back to top 10 after an unforced error threw me into a wall at Graham Hill Bend.

Car felt fantastic in qualifying and in race after the repairs. I didn’t change tires but was still much faster than cars ahead because my tire wear didn’t really affect handling.

Passed few cars as they made mistakes until I caught @ShaggyDan. He put up quite a fight and didn’t make any mistakes. Finally managed to pass him into T1 only to completely miss my braking point and drift wide. Still P7 was way more than I expected after spending 15 sec in the pits repairing damage.

Congrats to @Taha Malih, @Elias and @JKay14 on the podium.


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Jun 5, 2018
A relatively straight forward and uneventful race for me (not that I'm complaining in the slightest). Managed to do my personal best in qualifying when it mattered and ended up on the second row. Two tenths slower and I would have started around P10 (qualifying this season is insane).

Managed to get past @LuckyW at the start and thankfully after some early pressure from him was able to pull away. Was finally able to do the Ferrari justice this season and bring it home in third. Congrats to @Taha Malih on the win and @Elias in second. The two of you pulled away like you were in a different category!

Thank you to all the lapped drivers. Everyone jumped out of the way with no dramas which was very much appreciated.

Onto Monza next! I hope us Ferrari boys can have a good race for the tifosi!


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Oct 29, 2019
What a race! I didnt expect to get the chance to compete in R4. I was really hyped after my both practice races at zolder cause everything runned very smooth in general at both races there clean racing like it should be! So i was happy again like a little child that i can race in R4. Whitout much practice especially in wet conditions i managed to get P10 in qualifying which dosnt maked me happy first cause i didnt managed to get a perfect lap together.

The race start was clean at the front rows hold my position there. After seeing the booty of krops beetle until the pitwindow opens i decide to go whit him into the pits there i could pass him for some reason probaly he refueled. Until there i had a free track and could make time good. In the last 20 minutes i was on P5 and in front of me the Huracan of LuckyW. For the next 10 minutes i hunted him but i was to scared to make a good move to overtake him so i said myself like on the racestart i just need to survive whitout a spin and race my pace all time. At the end he had massiv tyre problems and i could pass him for P4 in T4.

At the end of the race i was really happy to get this result but even more that i could hold my pace whole 60 minutes whitout a mistake. Congrats to the podium guys, looking forward to monza whit the hope i can start there also!


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Oct 2, 2019
I must say that I am very pleased with P5 in the end! Switching to the Lambo from the Audi was taking more adjustments than I thought. They are definitely not the same cars under different skins ;)

Qualifying went really well, actually better than expected with P3. Coming into the race, I did my best to work on a stable setup for the rain, because the standard one is definitely not safe to ride with. So in the first half of the race everything was fine and I could keep up with @JKay14 for a decent amount of time. After pitstop I realised that the Lambo was losing more and more traction, so immediately I increased TC to stay on track. As @V.Korus already described, it was only a matter of time that he would overtake me. However, what I don't understand is that there is such a big difference in the tyre wear rate compared to other mid-engined cars like the Ferrari. I‘m glad that I had a large enough gap to P6 in the last 15 minutes, as I was in danger of spinning the car at any time. At the end the tyre wear was about 1.4 on the rear left and it felt almost like driving on ice. So far this is the only thing I regret about using the Lambo though.

Thank you for the clean racing everyone, I'm really enjoying it in this league. As always, congrats to the podium finishers!
I look forward to bring the Huracan to its home country in the next race.


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Dec 23, 2017
Another race that went better than I feel I deserved on pace, although I'm pretty sure I owe this one to the cars extreme dependability in the wet.

By race day I hadn't turned a lap of ACC since the Zolder round last week, had maybe 20 laps before the race to try to get up to speed in the wet, on a track that I'm usually relatively very slow at (really not a fan of Brands). Didn't have any time for any setup work, so just loaded my Season 1 wet Nurb setup, clicked a few things as a guess from what I learned since that race and expected to end up last on the grid.

From there though I guess I began to profit from my excellent taste in cars. The M6 felt rock solid from the first laps, never having a lot of grip but having very consistent balance and being willing to let me run onto/over kerbs. I somehow got 16th on the grid on a lap with a decent mistake near the end.

In the race my big concern was that I hadn't learned which places I could run off-line at when battling so I'd decided I would be extra patient until after the pitstops. I ended up at the back of a pack of cars battling for position and had some fun trying to manoeuvre myself into a position I felt confident overtaking from, but never quite managing it. Somehow though after running late into the pit window before stopping I came out in 9th which then ended up 8th when someone ahead opted for some impromptu mid-race donuts.

The M6 kindly wears all 4 tyres pretty much equally, so while my pace was a little lower towards the end, the balance of the car was spot on the entire time, and I could probably have done another 15mins before things really started to degrade.

Was a fun race in the end, probably extra rewarding and nice considering I was so badly prepared. That's been a few races where I've made significant position gains by keeping clean, and hitting my marks in the pitstops, although I hope that perhaps for Monza I'll be able to compete better on actual pace.

Congrats to @Taha Malih, @Elias and @JKay14 for the podium, and thanks to all involved for organising.