PC - ACC GT3 Season 2 - Pro - Round 5 - Monza - 19.11.19 @8PM UK Time | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Pro - Round 5 - Monza - 19.11.19 @8PM UK Time

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AOR PC GT3 S10 T4 Champion
Jun 5, 2018
Well after a disastrous practice race on Monday which resulted in my Ferrari cooking its tyres and having absolutely no pace after 5 laps, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this race! However after @Kapo gave me some suggestions with about 15 minutes to go before qualifying started I was able to get the tyre temps under control and remove most of the oversteer from the car.

Qualifying went surprisingly well as I set my personal best when it counted and joined the 107 second club. This put me 4th on the grid which I hoped was a good omen after I started there at Brands Hatch.

After initially jumping @Beck at the start I was quickly put in my place and dumped back to 4th... I then quickly got emasculated further when a Lexus did me at Ascari, quickly followed by Lidener. I managed to find some consistent pace for a while before @AndrexUK started creeping up behind me in the lead up to the pit stops. Unfortunately some incidents ahead and a disconnect allowed me to acquire a free 3rd place. After the pit stops @AndrexUK and I traded lap times for what felt like an eternity. I don’t think our delta moved by more than a second for 30 minutes! In the end I managed to bring it home in 3rd.

Congrats to @Julian Peiker on the race win!

see you all at misano


Semi-Pro Karter
Oct 14, 2019
@dakuza you forgot to mention my PC had enough of my defensive driving and decided to kill the game. :')

Also the Aston is so frustrating to drive at Monza. No acceleration whatsoever.