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PC ACC GT3 Season 2 - Pro - Round 7 - Barcelona - 03/12/19 @8PM UK Time


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Dec 23, 2017

ROUND 7 - Barcelona

Event Information:
● Date: Tuesday 03-12-2019

● Lobby opens: 7:45pm (UK time)

● Pre-Race Briefing: 7:55pm (UK time)

● Event starts: 8:00pm (UK time)

● Event format:
- Qualifying: 15 minutes
- Race: 60 minutes

Mandatory pit window:
Pitlane opens after 25 minutes (35 minutes left of race time)
Pitlane closes after 35 minutes (25 minutes left of race time)

● Weather Conditions:
- Qualifying: Clear

- Race start: Clear

● In-game time-of-day information:
- Qualifying time: 14:00
- Race start time: 15:00 (x1 time acceleration)

● Server settings:
"track": "barcelona_2019",
"eventType": "E_6h",
"preRaceWaitingTimeSeconds": 120,
"sessionOverTimeSeconds": 120,
"postQualySeconds": 60,
"postRaceSeconds": 240,
"ambientTemp": 30,
"trackTemp": 30,
"cloudLevel": 0.0,
"rain": 0.0,
"weatherRandomness": 0,
"sessions": [
"hourOfDay": 12,
"dayOfWeekend": 2,
"timeMultiplier": 1,
"sessionType": "P",
"sessionDurationMinutes": 120
"hourOfDay": 14,
"dayOfWeekend": 2,
"timeMultiplier": 1,
"sessionType": "Q",
"sessionDurationMinutes": 15
"hourOfDay": 15,
"dayOfWeekend": 3,
"timeMultiplier": 1,
"sessionType": "R",
"sessionDurationMinutes": 60
"configVersion": 1

Manual Rolling Start Information: (remember, in game, the green flag will be waved, but we'll do the AOR formation lap)

● Formation Point:
View attachment 98854
At this point, the leader must decelerate to a speed of 50 mph/80 kph. P1 and the odd numbers line up on the RIGHT, P2 and the even numbers on the LEFT.

● Acceleration Zone:
View attachment 98853
In this zone, the leader is free to put the foot down whenever he wants. The leader must not go past the end of the zone without accelerating.


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Dec 23, 2017
You are correct, and the server settings were correct as per the calendar so yea, the thread was wrong. I've fixed it now.
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Dec 31, 2017
Hi Guys,

I am sorry but things have changed and i won't be able to participate anymore. Huge apologies and i hope someone can pop in on my place. Good luck everyone.
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Jul 10, 2019
Im sorry guys I wont able to race in last two rounds. I have too much things going on right now. Good luck everyone and see you in the next season.
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Tobias Baumann

Semi-Pro Karter
Jul 15, 2019
Hey, sadly i can‘t attend this race because my computer is not working at the moment. Hopefully i can fix it until next week...
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GP2 Test Driver
Nov 18, 2016
Hello due to a pipe leak in my house the floor where is my simulator must be changed and for me this season is over :(
i hope for next all will be ok.
Wish everybody to have fun in last races and happy holidays


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Dec 23, 2017
Race went about as I had expected. M6 is inexplicably slow at Barcelona, and 20th on the grid was actually a good qualifying for me (3 laps, 3 different setups, all within 1 tenth).

Since I was melting the front left in the practice races, I set the car up with the rear unstable so that it would take the load off the front when turning. While that worked to stop the front left being in issue the car had bad turn-in and mid corner oversteer for half the race.

Start was pretty smooth, made up place or two then was running minding my own business, following a few seconds behind a pack of 4 cars, trying to be nice to the tyres to save them for the end of the race. All was going well until @krop lost it up ahead, dropped back into the pack of cars, backed them into me, then got me tangled up bleeding time battling with @Thomas Hozé.

The time I lost with that, and a terribly slow pitstop (too far forward on the marks, and the pitcrew were super lazy about moving me back), I got jumped by @AndrexUK at the stops (I didn't change tyres, wasn't faster for me).

Rest of the race was just me being overtaken by @RSe Dawiin then somehow keeping a much faster @Julian Peiker behind me for the last 3 laps. Originally I expected he'd get past in a lap or two, and the only value in fighting it was giving Andrex more of a chance to keep the position he had ahead of me, but I think Julian thought I was going to spin out and take him out or something, so never made one stick and I managed to keep him behind till the end.

Congratulations for another win (and the championship title) for @Taha Malih, to @V.Korus for now getting a 2nd (thats a 4th, 3rd, and 2nd now, win next?) and to @SellerieMitDip for a well fought 3rd.

I'm pretty glad its over, but it was a fun challenge regardless, looking forward to the last race at Silverstone.


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Oct 8, 2019

This was the first Race this season without a single issue throughout the event. I went into this race without any expectations, really. Except some 5 laps with a Porsche I didn't drive this track in ACC at all before yesterdays race.

During practice then I realized that it's goint to ba a difficult one. I was eating up my LR tyre to the extend of only managing 10 lap stints before spinning and crashing constantly. So I sat down quite early before the race to somehow find some twaks that made the tyres last longer. And yahoo, I found something. For some reason I was faster, had longer tyre life and was more consistent when dropping the tyre pressures about 0.5 to 0.7 psi. So majorly out of the ideal pressure window, my tyres actually felt good for the first time.

Then came qualifying, which I didn't practice at all for so again: I had literally no expectations. Out of the blue I managed to put in a "meh" S1 and S2 just to absolutely storm through the final chicane like I've never done before, gaining 2-3 tenths on everybodys time in S3. And that soehow put me in P4 on the grid.

The race start was amazing. At first I thought I went a little too early. But seeing @Taha Malih storming away it was only up to me to stomp the throttle pedal, gaining two positions in the process. So here I was, sat in P2. Didn't last long though. I made a big mistake in T9 with massive oversteer and had to brake to avoid a spin resulting in @LuckyW overtaking me. So I was stuck behind him, just couldn't overtake anywhere. I was just too slow on the straights.

In the pits I lost two positions to @V.Korus (what a stop that was, wow!) and @Elias . Just didn't stop in my designated box to had to be pushed and lost some time there.

Two laps after Elias appeared in front of me exiting the pits I accidentally pulled of a Class A Daniel Ricciardo-esque dive bomb. Luckily he managed to avoid my missile there so no contact, but could've easily been major damage. Although: Somehow I managed to stay within track limits.

Till the end I then had to keep him behind me. Man, the Aston was good on tyres today. He surely was half a second faster per lap at the end - if not more.
To my delight, he never made a move stick and I finally finished a race that I'm 100% satisfied with im P3. Finally!

I'm exited for Silverstone as I absolutely love the track! Congrats to @Taha Malih for another dominant win! Impressive!
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Oct 29, 2019
This was such a incredible race for stuff like this im racing for! After Misano i tought this will be my only podium, but it wasnt..
Well it can be still that i lose that podium in Misano but if i look into the stewards panel this can take some time.. cause there is again a complete incidents report fiesta going on.

Well so lets get started whit my race report from Catalunya.

The qualifying was running fine, the track was for some reason faster then on both practice races dunno why but my fiat really liked it.
So i reset my tire preasure to the default ones which came whit the aggressiv setup from kunos and the car feeled so much better.
In my final lap i just said goodbye to my -0,200 delta in the last chicane. So this would be probaly 2. row but nope i wanted to much at this moment. So at the end it was a good P6.

The race start was my best one of all races so far. Off we go into T1 cause of a good start i was then P4. After a couple of laps i was close behind @SellerieMitDip he was fighting
so nice against @LuckyW that i started thinking they soon drive into each other. But this didnt happend. I lost some focus there and lost like 1 second to them.
My fiat started to slide more and more.. so that @Vincent_Lindner could make time good against me. But until there the pit window was finally open.
So we 3 drove into the pits.. i was like sandwiched into the pit entry. So i needed a perfect stop. I mean THAT perfect stop.
@SellerieMitDip was on the same strategy like me. But i nailed this stop i guess:

And so i could past him into the pits. After that lap i had a advantage of 3,5 seconds to him. And this only whit a good pit stop.
So i drove it home on P2 and i never ever tought this will happen there. It was pretty much worth into the practice session to work on these pit stops.

Congrats to @Taha Malih for the win and championship!
Also for @SellerieMitDip a well deserved P3 after all this unlucky stuff happend to you.

See you in the final round at Silverstone!

Me Gustas Tu Catalunya!


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Feb 8, 2018
What a race after a dramatic last minute car change! Few hours before quali I got fed up with the Lexus killing me in every race and managed to talk my crazy team mate @Elias into switching cars few hours before the race. I only had few laps at Monza with the Aston so basically zero experience with the car. It felt great to drive so away we went. :cool:

Made few tweaks to the setup just before the race and got it to handle pretty much the way I wanted. My longest stint was perhaps 5 laps (that was going to bite me in the race...).

Qualifying went great, got a decent lap in pretty soon ant improved on it later to get 8th on the grid. Was very happy with the result even though I did leave few tenths on the table. Race started great and I was able to keep my position even with the small contact on turn 2 when me and @Vincent_Lindner had a small disagreement on the line to take between T2 and T3. Took only minor damage that didn't seem to affect the car much.

Few laps in I was just finding my pace and settling in when I made a stupid mistake in T1 and had to cut T2 completely. That move cost me few seconds and let @Elias past. The off track adventure also overheated my tires and I was struggling with stability issues for the next few laps behind @Elias.

Delaying the pitstop in hopes of not having to deal with traffic worked pretty well and I was surprised to find myself in 5th place after the stops. Then my lack of experience with the car started to bite me and the car started to have some severe stability issues as the tires cooled down and pressures dropped. For the last 20 minutes the car was trying to kill me every lap and I was constantly making small mistakes. The mistakes allowed @JKay14 behind to close the gap slowly but surely even though I was getting few faster laps here and there. He just chew away the gap with his consistency and was within striking distance halfway through the last lap. Luckily for me the race ended when it did, one more lap and I would have been in a wall somewhere after a heroic but futile defensive move. :LOL:

Congrats to @Taha Malih for the championship! Well deserved and good luck in Elite next season! :)


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Oct 2, 2019
Surely I will remember this qualifying as my most unexpected highlight of this season! With 6,8 hours (after the race) in total, Barcelona is the track I've always avoided racing on. The last sector is simply not enjoyable to me (I wonder if anyone likes it).
So with that in mind, I don't know what on earth enabled me to pull a 1:43,8. I never even got into the 43s in these conditions before.
For the race I commited to the tyre change with half fuel on board at the start. Not so happy with choosing that strategy in the end, but since I failed to finish both practice sessions, I felt like going for the safe strategy.

Congratulations to:
@SellerieMitDip Fighting with you again reminded me at R1 Nürburgring. ;)
@V.Korus Your performance in the last two races was scary good.
@Taha Malih for winning the championship in a way that makes us all look like rookies.

Let's move on to the last race in Silverstone, where I feel my 3rd place in the championship is very much in danger.


AOR PC GT3 S10 T4 Champion
Jun 5, 2018
A hugely satisfying and immersive race for me at Barcelona. Qualifying was as competitive as ever. I forget the times but I think a couple of tenths would have moved me up another 5 places if I could put my perfect lap together... which I couldn’t.

After capitalising from a @ShaggyDan error at the third to last corner we then decided to board the @SomeRandomTramp train! Choo Choo!

Had a great battle with them up until the pit stops where I was able to undercut them and pull a small gap. In the closing stages I was catching @dakuza but sadly ran out of laps and finished 6th!