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PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Evaluation Race 2 - 5/2/2020


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Jul 9, 2016
UPDATE: Since the DLC falls on the 4th, we will be doing the following for the Eval Races on the 4th & 5th

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Mar 27, 2018
Dear new AOR driver,

Here are a few words about the AOR Evaluation race you'll soon attend to, and why it is important in our placement process.

- What is an Evaluation Race?
It's a simple sprint race where new and returning drivers will race togheter.
It will use the standard AOR starting procedure (look it up please!) and there won't be a mandatory pitstop, but you'll be free to pit and do any pitstop operation you'll deem necessary.
As we have a lot of signups for season 3, each Eval race might be split on multiple servers.
You will find a some advices on which server to join in #acc_gt3_league_info channel in discord.
It's a broad estimate based on your posted hotstint, so it's by no means mandatory for you to join the indicated server, but it would probably be wise to do it.

- Why we do Evaluation Races?
In AOR, we value high quality racing standards. Like, A LOT.
For this reason we need to take a look to your racecraft and situational awareness, verify that your connection won't likely cause any mess, and check that you know AOR rules about fair and clean racing, starting procedure (look it up please!), and general sportmanship.
Translated in very simple words: know AOR rules, drive like a professional would do (which means: don't crash your and others' half a million euro cars) and have fun.

-Where the Evaluation race take place?
Search for "ApexOnlineRacing" on the server browser, you'll find our servers. Races will take place on servers #1,#2 and #3 according to how many drivers signed up.
Also, you need to be in discord voice lobby at least about 15 minutes before the race start, and you need to be able to listen to what coordinators will say.

- How the Evaluation Race will influence tier placements?
We will take a quick look to your qualify lap and race pace, but they won't matter that much for the placements, as the Hotstint should already be a good indication of your overall pace. But in some cases - for example when we are undecided between two tiers - your Eval performance might bump you up or down. For this reason, we welcome you to attend to more than one race if you want. The more data we have, the better.... but keep in mind that placements are not a pure mathematical process, and many other mysterious and mystical factors are involved :)

- Why my name is not in the google sheet list yet?
Probably @morphee7 is slacking off :p
Jokes aside, keeping that list updated is a boring and time consuming manual job, and it's only useful in order to know if we'll need more than 1 server for the Eval race.
If you signed up to the race but you don't see yourself in the list, don't worry about it: you'll be allowed in anyway.

Let's dance, and let's have fun!
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Kev 23

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Jan 23, 2020
I take part in the first race, but please sign me up for second race, too.


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Jun 21, 2018
I will be joinning the one on Friday instead. Please take me off the list!


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Jun 13, 2019
@StephenCarry asked me to tell you hosts that he cannot make it due to work commitments
from the thread for race 1 today. Sorry again and thanks again @NynS but I'll try to make it tomorrow :confused:

f*** work, I'm done.
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