PC - ACC GT3 Season 3 - Tier 4 - Round 3 - Circuit Paul Ricard - 25/02/20 @8PM UK Time | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Tier 4 - Round 3 - Circuit Paul Ricard - 25/02/20 @8PM UK Time


Pro Karter
Jan 17, 2020
Well , this Race ..... i wasnt expecting much , i really struggle on this track , and as i found out i was loosing 0.3-0.5 on straight , my top speed was 272-3 so , i didnt changed my tires and moved after pitting on 7 place with pace similiar to others. But i missed my braking point , lost about 1 second because i didnt cut (2nd chicken)and DT because i was about 10cm behind white line so my strategy was gone but overall from p15 to p11..... not that bad assuming my setup was bad
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AOR XB1 GT3 Pro S7 Champion
May 20, 2016
That was definitley damage limitation for me, if anyone would like to let me know the secret to sector 3 then I'm all ears. The 2 corners after the long straight I was losing so much time that the guys behind almost rear-ended me a couple of times, but I just couldn't take those corners any faster.
So I'm quite pleased to come out with P9 after all that, if I ever work out the way to get S3 hooked up I would be pretty decent at this track!!!
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Formula 3 Test Driver
Apr 6, 2018
Got taken out on lap 1 by an audi driving into the side of me when I had the racing line into turn 3, then fighting back from last place I kept catching up with a slow Ferrari but he kept blocking me multiple times a lap, which is fair enough, but on a long left hander he went wide so I went down the inside only for him to drive into me. So back to last place again, then again a little while later, caught up with the same Ferrari again, got a good run onto start/finish straight after he went wide again, approaching turn 1 I was slightly ahead but the Ferrari pushed me off track before we hit the braking point.... Back to last place again trying to make up places yet again but I cut turn 1 a bit too much and got a DT. Race over for me...

Daniel Monteiro

Pro Karter
Jan 23, 2020
This race had a "fight" in the start for the 19-25 position that was quite dramatic, a lot of mistakes and way too much fighting when there was 80+ minutes left.

It was thrilling tho
Agree, it was a bit unecessary, but again I don't complain, I only have myself to blame for lack of practice and for not having managed a better qualifying time.

I went for the (huge) gap on the last turn on a Bentley, can't remember the driver (and forgot to save my replay so only have the last hour); I may have been Senna on the last chicane of Suzuka right there, and the Bentley may have been Prost :p but I take my half of the blame as the dive came from quite far back. Ended up spinning and fell to last place, and just made a steady recovery to 18th from there.

As a nice ending to an otherwise mostly calm race, I ended up slotting in among the race leaders towards the end, and got a front row seat to see the battle that eventually decided 3rd place due to @Erzkbl9 running out of fuel. Congrats to the podium and to all drivers who got to the finish!

Night racing was a good change, hope for the championship to continue to be this dynamic with different scenario conditions, since the game allows for it :)