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PC ACC GT3 Season 3 - Tier 5 - Main Thread


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Jun 13, 2019
thanks everyone for this wonderful season!

I'm quite satisfied with my learning curve. Only played ACC like 20hours prior to this season - look at my first results. Threw the win at Monza away in the last lap, got to win Zolder (absolutely surprisingly) after I spun like 873 times in the 2 practice races and finished 2nd at Spa and was like "how?!?!?!"

please don't make me leave this tier, I fell in love with all you guys! :D

@Colyente: Да, товарищ! Слава Родине! *plays soviet anthem best anthem ever* :p
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May 1, 2018
Thank you everyone for this season!

I'm really happy with how I performed this season and it honestly went better than expected! I started off as expected, quite slowly but in my last 2 races I managed a 10th and 8th place finish. The only negative about my season really was the fact that I missed three races. My aim this season was to play it safe in order to gain confidence and experience driving GT3 cars and I achieved precisely that.

Next season I'll try to push the limits a bit harder, I'll properly contend for positions instead of yielding too quickly and I'll aim for greater results.