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PC ACC GT3 Season 4 - Tier 4 - Driver Introduction


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Apr 10, 2018
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Hey and welcome to Season 4 of the AOR ACC GT3 League.

Use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow competitors for the coming season!

Some general questions you can answer to get the ball rolling:
  1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
  2. What's your previous league racing experience?
  3. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?
Feel free to add anything else you feel like sharing as well.

We wish you all the best of luck for the season ahead and hope you will get to have some clean and enjoyable racing on track!

Danny Hendriks

Formula 3 Test Driver
Jun 25, 2016
Who are you?

I am Danny Hendriks, 36 years young and living in Boxmeer, The Netherlands. At the moment i'm out of work due to the coronavirus so am enjoing my free time for the time being. when all this is over and the most companies start hiring again, i also wil go and look for a new full time job.

What's your previous league racing experience?

My simracing career started out in the old good Race 07 days, played that game mostly with a few friend, not going online what so ever.
One day i decided to do a few public online races and for then, on a controller, i didnt to bad and kept it goinng like that for a good 2 years.
After that, around 2011, a friend sold me his 5 year old g25 to me and i started online racing with that. A few guys i was racing with noticed me that i had some basic racecraft and asked if i was intrested in joining there communitie, they also held championschips with all different cars ans that is also my introduction tho online endurance races. Been there for a few years till ac1 came out. With ac1 on the shelfs, i was one of the guys who bought it when it was availible. At this point i also decided that i should upgrade my wheel and bought a G29, wich im still using today. That is also the moment when i heard of AOR, looked into it and signed up to the forum and started racing and still am here today, have done races with you in AC1, PC1 and now ACC.
Some people should know me under the name Infected Space, but with ACC hitting the shelf, i changed to my real name for immersion reasons XD

What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?

At first alot of clean and close racing, had a pretty strong start last season winning the first two races, but i all went away from me after that.
This season, i hoping to keep it together all season and want to go for at least a top ten in the overal standings, even hoping on a few wins if the pace is there
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F1 2nd Driver
Jan 20, 2019
Hey all :)
Im George Kiakowski but get called Geo for short.i am 39 and i live in the UK,Scotland.
I am an ex soldier.i served in many places with my home scottish battalion.iv had some major health issues that forced me to stop working altogether.so i created the Youtube channel and our BDG community as i couldnt leave the house so i needed something to do.anyone is free to join or subscribe.thanks in advance if anyone does.
Iv been sim racing for over a year now with AOR. I started on ps4 an now switched to PC full time now.i use a T300RS wheel TLCM pedals.i also have TSS handbrake and TH8A shifter all housed in the playseat evo.
I am really hoping to win a few races this season.my best finish is third since moving to pc.but really..id be happy with having some decent close racing this season :)
Well i hope we all have a good seasons racing!!
Stay Safe Guys :)
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May 14, 2020
Hey guys,

Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
My name is Jan, I'm 26 years old and live in the west of Germany close to the border of the Netherlands. I am pretty new to simracing (3-4 months) and after having a t150 for some weeks I'm currently racing on TS-PC Racer, Fanatec V3 Pedals and a Playseat Challenge.

What's your previous league racing experience?
As I am pretty new to simracing I don't have experience in league racing.

What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?
Having absolutely no clue where my pace in the field will be I'm just looking forward to some clean racing with exiting fights in the progress.


F1 Reserve Driver
Jan 9, 2015
Who are you?
I'm Sam, I'm 25 and currently live in North Wales but I'm originally from near Manchester, UK. I am a project manager at a Telematics company but things are a little slow at the moment! I have a Thrustmaster TX wheel base with the F1 rim and the T3PA Pro pedals on a Next Level Racing rig but looking to update my hardware to possibly direct drive in the future.

What's your previous league racing experience?
I have raced in the first season of the Project Cars 2 PC GT3 league and currently racing in the AC F3 league on a Monday night. I have raced in other communities, like SRS but want to start getting in to more competitive leagues, like on AOR.

What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?
I don't know what position I will be in this split so for the first few weeks I am going to find my pace and see where I settle on the grid and then try and have consistent races from there and pick up as many points as I can along the way. Most important thing is to have fun even if I'm fighting for p20 or p2!


Formula 3 2nd Driver
Jun 17, 2018
My name is Jasper, I am 20 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I wont lie, started getting into F1 since Max Verstappen started his career. I ended up playing the F1 games and after a while I wanted something else then A.I or open lobbies. So I joined AOR.

4 AOR F1 seasons later I started to look for some real simgames. And I think I found a perfect game for that. ACC hasnt failed me yet, and i hope it stays that way.

I am using a t300 rs gt with the Ferrari f1 add-on, i also got the Open Wheel add-on. But since I used it without gloves i kinda ruined it.

My main goal this season is to finish consistent. Mainly try to not DNF and make (no) contact.

EDIT: Ingame I am using a different name, i am using my real name J.van Ruiten. I am driving the Lexus.
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Semi-Pro Karter
Mar 11, 2018
Hey guys,
My name is Jack, from South West England and I’m possibly the youngest in the tier at 16 (scary). I’ve grown up watching predominantly F1 and all of Ferrari’s failed title challenges since 2010, which isn’t fun. For the last year or so I’ve been wanting to get into more serious sim racing rather than being punted at T1, and I’ve found a lot of fun in ACC.

This is the first league I’ve signed up for so don’t really have any personal expectations going into the season, just to build on my race craft and pace throughout the season. Short term goals being making it out of sector one with 4 wheels.

I use a Thrustmaster T300 with the open wheel rim, and use a moderately beefy computer that I put together a couple months ago.

Good luck all, have a good season :)


AOR PC GT3 S12 T4 Champion
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Jul 9, 2016
Gixxer or Gix 43 USA

Been racing with AOR a long time and know most of the T4 guys, we should have a fun clean group S4. Best advise I can give to new league racers is points points points, you can not score quality points over a season if your overaggressive and cause damage to yourself or even worse others. My philosophy is let the race develop and come to you. If someone has better pace I'll defend for a bit but I would rather let them through than risk damage or a poor result. Over a season, being consistent produces the best results.

My goal is to find some extra pace because T4 got faster S4. Good luck and let's have the cleanest Tier of them all so Jankes life will be easy ;)!!!


S19 AOR PC F6 Champion
Jul 26, 2019
So I am Ryan, or Rgm12345 or RyanCantDrive, because as the name implies I suffer from not being capable of driving. So I am 15 and some say I like fake cars.

So I've done 2 seasons of f1 and the last season of the ACC Gt3 league, + the last two enduro's, now I've had more success over on the F1 side because I'm a filthy sweat. Last season with the big boi gt3's i really had a bit of a shocking season, fighting for not last (in tier 2) and not really getting luck in not getting punted, with essentually every race becoming more and more painful but it doesnt really matter as it just wasn't my time.

For this season I'm mainly hoping to get some good racing because thats what we do this for. But mainly i just want to sweat kyalami, which means i'll come last there but oh well.

And of course obligatory Good luck for the season


AOR ACC S2 AM Champion
Jun 21, 2019
Hey guys! Race day at last, glad to be back!

My name is Ian, im 32 and i'm from Mauritius. I'll be the guy with the high ping :p Been with AOR since PC2 S13 so this will be my 5th season. I won the ACC T4 championship in S2 in the AMG and i see a few familiar names in T4 again this season although it seems things got a hell of a lot harder since then! Had an amazing season in S2 and good clean racing with some of you guys and i hope we can keep that going this year and we all have a great time together. Remember, we're all doing this for fun first and foremost. Looking forward to racing you guys and good luck to everyone! :)


F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2018
Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
Hey guys, my name is Brendan/Fizzymon/Fizz, whichever you want to call me. I am a 22 year old American who uses a Thrustmaster TX wheel base and the Ferrari F1 wheel add-on. I have always been a huge racing fan, but didn't start league racing until last year. I'm a huge Ferrari fan, always have been, and actually decided to use the car this season.

What's your previous league racing experience?
I drove in Tier 4 last season and had some interesting races, considering I had my brake ducts reversed. I also am finishing up my second season in the F1 leagues as well.

What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?
Overall good results. I haven't done much work for this first race as I have been focusing on F1, but going forward I want to fight my way towards the front if possible. At the same time, I don't care for the championship this season as I am planning trips to return home and visit family, so I will most certainly miss some races. But hey, family first!
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Junior Karter
May 19, 2020
Hello everybody! Glad to see you! My name is Azat, I live in St. Petersburg, Russia. I am 29 years old. Currently I work remotely as a designer in a financial company.

Professionally played football, but twice got a cruciate ligament rupture. Long operations and I abandoned the real sport.
I became interested in racing about two years ago, since the time of GT SPORT. About three months ago I bought the Thrustnmaster t300 steering wheel and the TSPС steering wheel.

I hope for a clean race and fight! Thanks vakm all that we will pass this season together! Good luck to all!


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May 10, 2020
Hey everyone,

My name is Justin, 27, from Buckinghamshire, UK, originally from Cornwall. I work in Highways Development Management, thankfully I am able to work from home!

I haven't had any league racing experience, this is my first time! I have played many racing games throughout the years but only casually - ACC, AC, PC2, F1 etc.

As this is my first experience in league racing I have no expectations, just looking for fun, clean racing!

Best of luck for the season, see you all out there!

Artur "Jankes" Sobota

ACC Coordinator
Staff member
ACC Coordinator
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Oct 14, 2019
Guten tag!

Some of you may know me from previous seasons :)

Im Jankes, 27 y.o Polish dude who's rather new in sim racing world, but I do my best, promise. In case you need anything, or have any questions, do not hesitate to hit me up!
I'm a lucky guy who found AOR a day before S2 started and I found it a great place for some real racing.
I'm willing to be in the clearest tier among all and stay as consistent as it's possible, as that's the key and some of you certainly know how important it is.

My advice? Don't try to win the race in first 3 laps. Don't overdrive the car and be patient. It's better to wait with overtaking for 2 laps than ending a race by hitting a wall.


Semi-Pro Karter
Mar 29, 2018
Hey everyone ! :)
  1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
My name is Bjørnar (but Toadzer or just 'Toad' is fine ^^), and i'm 21 years old, from Norway. I just completed my 1st year at the University of Agder,and I'm studying to become a teacher, so thats quite fun :) My hobbies are gaming(duh) , movies and series, watching and playing sports. I'm mostly interested in F1, football and Ice Hockey, my favourite teams are Ferrari , Arsenal and Toronto Maple Leafs. I have been playing with a gamepad for several years now and finally got a wheel just a month ago. It's the T300rs GT version, and i am loving it so far :)
  1. What's your previous league racing experience?
I have done 6 seasons of F1 league racing (with a controller) in the league i am administrator in. I've also done some other leagues on the f1 game. I've only done a couple of races with my wheel on ACC as I did race som races with the game pad. I'm getting more and more used to the wheel, and i just love this game and how it feels on a wheel, so I'm looking forward to get better :) So yeah, very new to ACC league racing and racing with a wheel, but hoping to improve!
  1. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?
I am expecting clean and fair racing. It is AOR after all :) I hope we can have some close battles even if it is for 30th ;) I hope i can get better with my wheel and try and be as consistent as possible, but I'm not expecting to win anything just yet :D


AOR XB1 GT3 Pro S7 Champion
May 20, 2016
  1. Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
    1. I'm Dan, I am 45 years old so one of the oldest here! I come from Kent, England but have lived in Germany for almost 20 years now. I work in Aerospace (Rolls-Royce, Airbus), hence my gamertag.
  2. What's your previous league racing experience?
    1. Been on AOR for quite a few years, my "Sim" racing career however goes back to the ZX Spectrum with WEC Le Mans and Nigel Mansell's GP!
  3. What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?
    1. Hoping for good results and helping my team mate @GIXXERosg scoop up the teams' title. Well, you have to aim high!


Pro Karter
May 23, 2020
Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)
Hey guys, my name is Ralf. I live in the middle of Germany. I'm one of the oldboys ;) with 47.
I finally bought a Fanatec CSL Elite Base and Pedals. After an old Logitech Driving Force Pro.

What's your previous league racing experience?
I started PC Racing with Grand Prix 2. Later I was into GP Legends and Nascar 3 and was driving in a little league. Oval Racing wasnt my thing and I was happy when GTR came out. Then I quited driving for other stuff. Bass playing, Motorbikes, Cars, etc ...
But a friend of mine brougt me back to Racing with PC and F1 Games. And now I'm here in ACC. Best Sim for me.

What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?
Fun with clean racing. Don't be stupid on track. Other than that I have no goals ;)


Junior Karter
May 19, 2020
Who are you? (Tell us a bit about yourself - name, age, nationality, racing equipment, etc)

Hello everyone. My name is Tomasz, I'm 31 and I am from Kraków, Poland. I race with the CSL Elite Wheel and Pedals - literally picked it up last week after using a DFGT for 6 years. So I was worried that after I set my pace in the hot stints with an average of 1:55.5 I would not be able to match that lap time with the new wheel. But after 80+ laps on Nurb I managed to get back up to speed :)

What's your previous league racing experience?

Well I started simracing around 2005 with Live For Speed. I've done some league racing back in those days already, even though I was only racing using an old non-FFB Sidewinder wheel. Around 2008 I moved to start uni and couldn't bring my equipment with me so I had to take a break from simracing. In 2011, I think, I bought a PS3 and started playing GT5 - first with a controller and then in 2014 I bought a DFGT. After buying a new PC I started trying out all the sims - Assetto Corsa, RaceRoom, rFactor 2 as well as the F1 games, but I never quite settled for any of them, and mostly played off line.

Only last year I started playing iRacing more seriously. In January this year I joined a team with whom we are doing endurance races in iRacing in the BMW M8 and the Cayman 718 GT4. We've completed two 24 hour races, two 12 hour races and eight 6 hour races so far :)

What are you expecting & hoping to achieve in the season ahead?

I would like to score good points. I'm writing this after finishing the first race in P4, so I think I have the required pace for my tier :)