ACC GT3 Season 5 - Tier 4 - Race 2- Zolder [22/09/2020 7:30pm UK]


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
There is no obligation to have that display enabled and I only use it when leaving the pit lane.
Why don't leave the judgement to the stewards?

This isn't the steward enquiry, this is the post-race discussion. You made a comment on it above and I responded to it.
All I'm saying is that it would be an intelligent move if you have that enabled anyway (which you do since I clipped it from your stream) to take a look at it if there's a yellow flag and blind terrain ahead of you.


Semi-Pro Karter
I think this widget is useless while you are driving. You need to look longer at it in order to find out if cars are moving or not. This is distracting and poses an additional risk. I try to focus on the track and only use mirrors and the radar to cover blind spots. All the rest of the HUD I ignore and only pay attention to on long straights.

What I did wrong: I was too late with the reaction. Maybe I was too tired to race that day. So, I am fine with a penalty in that case.