PC ACC GT3 Season 6 - Tier 2 - Race 7 - Zandvoort [02/03/2021 7:30pm UK]


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Event Information
Date: 02/03/2021
Practice session starts: 6:30pm UK time, not mandatory
Event starts: 7:30pm (UK time) / Server: ApexOnlineRacing.com #02 | AOR GT3 Season 6 - Tier 2

Weather Conditions

  • 47% dry
  • 53% rain
  • 53% changing weather conditions - both dry and rain in a session
Race info
  • Race length: 60 minutes
  • Qualifying length: 15 minutes (starts at 7:30pm UK)
  • One mandatory pit-stop
  • Mandatory tire change
  • No refueling
  • No pit-window
In-game time-of-day information
  • Qualifying - Weekend Day 2 - 15:00
  • Race - Weekend Day 3 - 14:00
Detailed Weather and Server settings

  • Do not back up the last corner to start your hot lap, maintain a reasonable pace
  • Do not impede those on a hot lap indicated grey on the mini map, safely let them through when needed
  • If you reset to the pits watch your pit exit and do not impede on your outlap.
  • The maximum speed in the pit-lane is 50kph/31mph - do not intentionally drive faster
  • Turn 1 in general is dangerous. Especially on lap 1 be very careful. Give enough space in the braking zone, remember different cars/drivers brake at different points
  • It’s a 60 minutes race, do not be over aggressive early, let the race and opportunities develop
  • Lap 1 incidents are punished harsher
  • Drivers exiting the pits have the right of way, you must allow them to join the track.
  • Make sure to read the rules, especially regarding Yellow and Blue flags. Stewards can take action if rules are not followed.

Confirmed no-shows:


ACC Coordinator
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ACC Coordinator
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