PC ACC GT4 Season 1 - Tier 2 - Race 6 - Suzuka [25/09/2020 8:00pm UK]


ACC Coordinator
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ACC Coordinator
May 16, 2018

Suzuka Circuit

● League Coordinators:

Event Information:
Date: 25/09/2020
Pre-Race Briefing: 7:50pm (UK time)
● Event starts: 8:00pm (UK time) / Server: ApexOnlineRacing.com #22 | AOR GT4 Season 1 - Tier 2
Qualifying length: 15 minutes
Race length: 90 minutes

AOR league rules apply (click)

Weather Conditions:
  • See weather updates thread
● In-game time-of-day information:
  • Qualifying - Weekend Day 2 - 13:00pm
  • Race - Weekend Day 3 - 12:00pm
Server settings:

"track": "suzuka_2019",
"eventType": "E_6h",
"preRaceWaitingTimeSeconds": 240,
"sessionOverTimeSeconds": 200,
"postQualySeconds": 30,
"postRaceSeconds": 180,
"ambientTemp": 17,
"trackTemp": 17,
"cloudLevel": 0.2,
"rain": 0.1,
"weatherRandomness": 3,
"simracerWeatherConditions": 1,
"sessions": [
"hourOfDay": 15,
"dayOfWeekend": 1,
"timeMultiplier": 1,
"sessionType": "P",
"sessionDurationMinutes": 90
"hourOfDay": 16,
"dayOfWeekend": 2,
"timeMultiplier": 1,
"sessionType": "Q",
"sessionDurationMinutes": 15
"hourOfDay": 15,
"dayOfWeekend": 3,
"timeMultiplier": 1,
"sessionType": "R",
"sessionDurationMinutes": 90
"configVersion": 1

● Pitstop:

  • One mandatory pit stop during the race
  • Mandatory tyre change
  • Refueling and driver swap are optional
● Confirmed no-shows:

Sam Penfold

S18 AOR PC F12 Champion
Nov 28, 2017
United Kingdom
I’m not going to make it again. I may have to look at dropping out of this league due to changing work commitments, I will let you know in the next few days.


DiRT Coordinator
Staff member
DiRT Coordinator
Aug 7, 2017
I’m not going to make it again. I may have to look at dropping out of this league due to changing work commitments, I will let you know in the next few days.
It was the last race, so nothing to worry about anymore :)


Premium Member
Premium Member
Oct 13, 2018
Hi guys! A bit sad to say goodbye to this season, a bit short as for the number of races but long enough considering 90 min per race :D

Happy for finally ending in top-5, after two previous decent top-8. Finally too I was able to do a competitive qualifying lap, which could have been even a bit faster. Definitely, the 12h event was useful for me as I didn't have to practice almost. It was important to test every track condition to write down the right pressures and get used to changes of the brake references. I focused on that and I think that's what brought me to p5. I preferred dry conditions, though haha I think I may have been closer to podium.
My start was cautious, as always maybe too cautious because I was overtaken again by a driver behind. Actually, @uros76 took a good gap around 3-5 seconds, he started very strong. @Catalin Sasu also started quite fast despite his mandatory Stop&Go and was really close to the rear of my car. Despite being cautious, honestly I could be hardly faster during stint 1. Were TC and ABS values too high maybe?
After the mistake of Uros, everything was really quiet for me. I could reduce the gap with p3 and p4 but still far (12 secs). Anyway the result is worth it :) I wish there had been one more race, my progression was aiming for p3 now lol
Again, congratulations to @DFernandez95, also to my Porsche's teammate Ribeiro for some great races and very thankful to him for sharing impressions and have interesting conversations ;)
And finally, a big thanks to the coordinators for their work one more time. We've been around 20 drivers in every race of tier 2, which is hard to achieve having started gt3 some weeks ago. Please, update the standings so I can see myself in top 10 (I think so...xD). If I had enough time and season 2 was confirmed, I would join again for sure. But at this moment I don't know if I will have time, I hope so!
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