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PC ACC Pro Division, Barcelona: Hit and spun off being lapped

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May 7, 2018
Platform + League: ACC GT3 Season 1 / Pro
League Coordinator: @AndrexUK
Date: 20th August
Members Involved: @hollowdene and @Migzorn

I had recently pitted and the leading cars were coming up on me. Into the last sector, I got some unexpected oversteer that threw me to the outside. I decided to hug the outside and leave plenty of room on the inside for the cars to pass safely. @Migzorn in the Lambo just drove into my rear and spun me out. I was already right on the edge of the track, almost in the gravel, so there wasn't anywhere else I could go.

Did the Driver wait to give back any positions required: No, but I was being lapped so this wasn't to be expected in my opinion.




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May 31, 2018
Yes, I lost a position because of that...
I thought you let us pass because you drove on the outside of the turn. But you didn,t brake and went back to racing line.
Why did you do that?


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May 7, 2018
Well I can see why you might have thought that. As I said, I got oversteer so it wasn't a decision to go wide it was enforced.

As for why I didn't brake, I personally feel it's dangerous to brake mid corner when you're being lapped. There was more than one car behind you, so I'd just become an obstacle for them to navigate. That's why I stayed on the outside.

Ultimately, in my view it's the responsibility of the faster car to affect a safe overtake. There was ample space for both cars and you would have made it past safely at the next corner.

And, you know, you may have lost a place but this incident ended my race.
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Jan 25, 2014
Apologies about the delay. This enquiry was quite unique so we wanted to make sure to reach a sensible decision.

In a bid to let you learn from this situation, we feel it's appropriate to go a bit more in detail than most enquiries.

Let's start with our view of the situation. It's clear both drivers are to blame in some capacity.

In the heat of the moment, we all agreed @hollowdene did not took the best path of actions after his mistakes. Another way to handle it, is to either slow down massively on the outside of Turn 12 so as to not compromise the racing line and the cars behind; OR let them through at the end of Sector 3. The latter would probably mean time loss for the cars behind, but it's fair game as it happens in real life as well. Sometimes traffic goes your way, sometimes it doesn't. In any case, it's your responsability to let the cars behind pass safely first and foremost.

@Migzorn could see the contact coming but still did nothing to avoid the slow Bentley. At the pace the Bentley was going, he should've either compromised his entry into turn 13 by passing him, or wait until a better opportunity. The fact he did not attempt to avoid the contact led us to placing the blame on him predominantly for the contact: it's not as if the Bentley had anywhere to go. However we believe he has already got the punishment for his reckleness on the track and won't apply a time penalty. He's still predominantly caused the contact, so he's awarded a penalty for causing a moderate avoidable collision.

  • As such, a warning and 10 penalty points are awarded to @Migzorn

There are different ways to go about this enquiry but we sincerely hope this decision is allround the fairest and makes sense in regards to the flow of events.

Closed. @AndrexUK @Def
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