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PC ACC S2 R4 PRO-AM, race incident

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Formula 4 Test Driver
Jul 3, 2019
Platform + League: PC Pro-Am
League Coordinator: @Xeonski
Date: 13.11. 2019
Members Involved:
@SergioKiller, @Attila91, and @S4Howie..... ?
At the very end of the formation lap, the group in front of me was suddenly braked. I managed to brake in time, but not @Attila behind me. After the shock, my car spun. Once the car stopped, another competitor can't avoid and hit me @S4Howie i think .

Evidence ;
Third accident in 3 races, I'm really happy :(
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Oct 13, 2019
At 0:44 you can see in the video that I catch up to the cars in front of me so i start to try keep the ~80 km/h limit what the pole positioner should hold util the start. While i hold this speed even 85-90 km/h the cars in front of me all pulling away. Becouse the cars are pulling away and even I who was at 17th position almost at the start-finish line (where the leader need to start accelerating) I assumed (becouse i only saw the closest 2 guys in front of me) all the guys in front of me started to accelerate and the race was started, so i accelerate too.
Then i saw SergioKillerLA braking, I try to stop but I can't. My breaking reaction was bad becouse it supprised me, I was not ready for an almost full stop when we should accelarate.
I have serious damage like probably the others who involved in the accindent, so I need make a pitstop and reapair the car in the end of the first lap. Witch was almost a full lap disadvatage in the begining of the race.
When I watch the replay I saw the phenomen that usually caused traffic jams. When cars follows each other too close, and someone breaks the car behind him brakes a little bit more
so after some cars a little braking causes a full stop and whitout safe following distance this causes accidents.
I think my assumption, about where to start to accelerate was not wrong in the given situation. We are not driving in real life traffic here, we are raceing, so we don't leave a safe following distance between each other. We assume where the car in front of us will brake and how much it will slow down so we can go close behind it.

The starter of the accedint was definietly me. The cars that are involved get a big disadvatage becouse of it. The way I approached the given situation based on the movement
of the cars in front of me, our position from teh start-finish line and the assumption the car in front of us are accelerating what i can't see was reasonable I think.
I taked a reasonable amount of risk, like we do several times through the race, but this time it had an unlucky end.

I'm sorry for everyone whos race was ruined, I hope the next will be more successful.
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Nov 1, 2017
First of all i did not get any Alerts from here. Yes i was involved here. I was hitting @SergioKillerLA. I could do nothing i tried to avoid a hit but could not react fast enough. What caused me Dmg and send me to the outside where several more people where involved. I watched the replay after and i could see @SergioKillerLA car is myteriously moving forward while the brake lights are up.And the car stood before.No wheel movement, brake lights are on but the car slides forward 1m or more.Otherwise i may have come around it.
I lost about a second on my pace per lap cause of dmg and needed to repair for 20 sec on the mandatory pit stop.
I also need to say the whole formation lap was a big mess. I was in the back field and people where driving like mad.I can not speak for the front,but it seems it wasnt much better there.In the back people where not able to drive single line. I needed to watch them left and right. At the formation zone the Driver beside me took my position. I stayed behind him and the drivers behind then overtook me before the start line and i was forced to watch them. And suddenly i could not reacte in time and hit @SergioKillerLA.
I want to point out that the Tiers are reminded about the AOR Formation Lap procedure.


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ACC Coordinator
May 16, 2018
Moved to the stewards, any additional view will be forward to them.

Head Steward

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Jan 25, 2014
Stewards have decided to close the case with:

10 second time penalty + 10 penalty points for causing a moderate avoidable collision to @Attila91

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