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PC ACC - SOCIAL RACE - Paul Ricard - 45 MINS - 18/06/19


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May 6, 2015

Event Information:
Date: TUESDAY June 18th (18/06/19)
Lobby opens: 19:50(PM) (UK time)
● Event starts: 20:00(PM) (UK time)
Lobby name: ApexOnlineRacing #1 / #2
● Event format:

Paul Ricard

  • Practice: 10 mins (x1 progression)
  • Qualifying: 15 mins (x1 progression)
  • Race: 45 mins (x2 progression)
  • Ambient temp: 15c
  • Track temp: 10c
● In-game time-of-day / Weather information:
  • Qualifying time: 18/06/19 - 15:00(PM) - Weather randomness 3*
  • Race start time: 18/06/19 - 15:00(PM) - Weather randomness 3*
* See notes about weather randomness

Please join normal AOR Discord 'Assetto Corsa Social Lobby' channel.
If you cannot see the AC Discord channel, please type in the 'Permissions request' channel that you need access to 'AC racers'
Game lobby password will be provided in Discord.

In game rolling start (We know this can be a bit messy, please wait for the car in front to move!)
2x2 formation
Will run a normal AOR Full Formation Lap.
120kph, till exit of the long right hander (exit of Turn 10 - Courbe du Garlaban), then down to 80kph.


* Weather randomness setting is explaned in section IB .1 Weather simulation

I have set the ApexOnlineRacing #1 server up to match the above settings (20 min race instead of 45) to allow practicing on.

@Astrit Arsllani
@Mr AlcoN

@Backe Gabrielsen
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Feb 15, 2018
@AndrexUK Joined the "practice" server yesterday and... not sure why, but the tyres are stone cold, thus the car is undrivable...

Please try'it and give me some feedback.