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May 6, 2015
Event Information:
Date: TUESDAY June 25th (25/06/19)
Lobby opens: 19:50(PM) (UK time)
● Event starts: 20:00(PM) (UK time)
Lobby name: ApexOnlineRacing #1 / #2
● Event format:


  • Practice: 10 mins (x1 progression)
  • Qualifying: 15 mins (x1 progression)
  • Race: 120 mins (x10 progression) (This may need to be reduced if a full tank does not last 1 hour due to an issue explained in the 2nd post)
  • Ambient temp: 20c
  • Track temp: 15c
● In-game time-of-day / Weather information:
  • Qualifying time: 25/06/19 - 18:00(PM) - No Rain
  • Race start time: 25/06/19 - 18:00(PM) - No Rain

This is a 2 hour race, which is being used to test driver swaps.
Please sign up as a team of 2 or more (providing both driver names, and Steam Player ID's)
To get the DriverID:

Go to:
Steam ID Finder
Steam ID Finder is a tool that allows you to find your steam ID quickly and easily.


Type in the users SteamID, and in most cases it should find the number:
You are looking for the steamID64 entry (16 digits)

Please join normal AOR Discord 'Assetto Corsa Social Lobby' channel.
If you cannot see the AC Discord channel, please type in the 'Permissions request' channel that you need access to 'AC racers'
Game lobby password will be provided in Discord.

In game rolling start (We know this can be a bit messy, please wait for the car in front to move!)
2x2 formation
Will run a normal AOR Full Formation Lap.
120kph, till Wellington Straight, then down to 80kph.

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May 6, 2015
At the time of creating this event, there is an issue with Driver swaps: (Hopefully this will be fixed before the event).

Example of a 2 driver team
Driver 1 / Driver 2

All showing as expected during Free Practice / Qually (Whoever joins the server first gets to drive as expected - The other team mate(s) join as a kind of 'spectator mode').

During the Race session, Driver 1 starts, and drives till they are looking to swap to driver 2.
Driver 1 requests driver swap, and pits.
Driver 2 enters the car at the end of the 'controls locked' countdown, and leaves the pits (as expected)

Issue 1)
After Driver 2 takes control, there is no longer the option to 'Swap driver' in the pit options within the MFD.
The option is grayed out - Therefore, they are unable to swap driver back to Driver 1

The same issue happens for who ever is the last driver of the team.
ie, for a 4 man team, Driver 4 will not be able to swap to another driver.

Issue 2)
Driver 2 cannot pit at all.

No pit stall even for fuel / tires / damage repair

So not only can he not swap back to Driver 1, he can't even refuel / repair / etc.
So if Driver 2 has more than an hour to drive (guessing a full tank lasts roughly 1 hour) till the end of the race, he will not be able to finish.

Therefore, this event may be reduced to double the time of a full fuel tank (But I think it should cover more than 1 hour).

I have set the ApexOnlineRacing #2 server to match the above settings (with a 30 min race instead of 2 hours) to be available to practice on.

Team 1
@jlacey1995 'Jordan Lacey' - 76561198166514507
@Backe Gabrielsen 'Backe Gabrielsen' - 76561198343414956
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May 6, 2015
Sign up Example:

Driver 1: @AndrexUK - Player ID: 76561197962979789
Driver 2: @VoodooChild - PlayerID: 76561198027920097

If you don't have a team-mate, then advise you are looking for one, and add which car(s) you were looking to use! There maybe someone else looking for a team-mate that works for you!
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Formula 4 1st Driver
May 16, 2018
I'm up if anybody wants to team.

I can drive pretty much everything except the jag but my favorite are (in the order) Porsche, Ferrari, Lexus.
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Nov 24, 2014
Would like to join, I'm on mobile right now so I can't get my steam number but will do the official stuff later.

Would like to use the Jaaaaaaaaggg if anyone else wants to as well?


AOR PC GT3 S10 T3 Champion
May 27, 2018
lets give this a try ^^
im in Marco GC-R | TheRipper ID : 76561198097980937

and im gonna team up with @MSCHUMI1984 Martin GC-R | Schumacher ID : 76561198868236905
cheers : )
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