Closed - ACC Tier 1- Round 1 Number 72/33 - Lap 1 - Bad rejoin creating big incident |

Closed ACC Tier 1- Round 1 Number 72/33 - Lap 1 - Bad rejoin creating big incident

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Valentin Barrier

Semi-Pro Karter
Feb 19, 2020
ACC tier 1 - Round 1
League Coordinator: @LuckyW @HaiCo
Date: 15/09/2020
Members Involved: Carturan (I couldn't find the forum name sorry) @KrypticTMG , Soldatov
He goes well on the outside of T1 so I move on the inside and he tries to keep within the track limits so we hit each other, which bumps him out of the track limits, and instead of cutting through the corner (at least a bit) he decides to rejoin straight into the racing line in the middle of the corner and hits the kerb which makes him jump and hits me, sending me into a spin, making my car unavoidable by other drivers incoming. This heavely affected my race and the race of Kryptic and Soldatov. It couldv'e been avoided by cutting the corner for a safer rejoin.



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Jun 2, 2020
@HaiCo Nothing to say. At this point, I received 13 seconds of damage. And I couldn't avoid this collision in any way. I tried to slow down, but @KrypticTMG on the back of me simply did not see anything and the damage was fatal.


F1 1st Driver
Apr 4, 2015
@HaiCo erm yeah was a unfortunate incident to be honest the guy in the porsche seemed as if he tried to turn left then hit the black and yellow kerb which launched him into the sausage kerb which then launched him into @Valentin Barrier then i just got caught up in the aftermarth.
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