Closed - ACC - Tier 1 - Round 5 - Spa - Lap 1 Eau Rouge/Raidillon Incident |

Closed ACC - Tier 1 - Round 5 - Spa - Lap 1 Eau Rouge/Raidillon Incident

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Oct 29, 2019
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 1, Round 5
League Coordinator: @PALEEZ
Date: 07.07.2020
Members Involved: @dalking38
Description: I had a decent start into the race. I tried to be very carefull since it was raining. As i saw that the Mercedes is slowing down (lifting & braking) i did the same.
Just to avoid a incident there on the top the Mercedes brakes quickly again but short i did the same just to be safe. So i was till that moment happy that we survived all.
Didnt least long, that i got a hit into my rear and just sliding like a ping pong ball over the track and taking out a Ferrari. I watched the incident multiple times over and over.
Darren King tapped me on his lane change, same moment as i braked for the Mercedes in front. But as we are all braking a bit he dosnt seem to use his brake and just lifts
and goes full throttle. The Ferrari in front of Darren King is lifting and slowing down on the outside. Instant to brake or lift behind him Darren King decide to change the lane but there
was i and everything was almost over. The spin of me and the other Ferrari caused a huge incident, after i was again in driving direction after my spin a Audi driver had to avoid me
and collided with my Teammate which caused this Spa 98 styled incident. Maybe it dosnt belong to the incident, but for me is this incident with Darren King the trigger for that what happens after this. Without this Incident we all would probably survive the start. The repairs took arround a minute for this, so i got lapped by almost the whole field and the comeback chances where like 0. Still i could finish P18. Darren King retired after like 12 laps.
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded that @dalking38 is to blame for causing a moderate avoidable collision. The stewards don't think @dalking38 can be held responsible for the pile-up that happened afterwards.

@dalking38 will receive a 20 points race results reduction and 15 drivers license points (including 5 for it being the first lap).

@V.Korus @dalking38 @PALEEZ
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