Closed - ACC - Tier 1 - Round 5 - Spa - Lap 32 INCIDENT #87 #924 |

Closed ACC - Tier 1 - Round 5 - Spa - Lap 32 INCIDENT #87 #924

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May 26, 2020
ACC Tier + Round Number: T1 - R5 - Lap 32
League Coordinator: @PALEEZ
Date: 7
Members Involved: @PALEEZ (car #87) @NikBabin (car #924)

Paleez had crashed in Blanchimont, his car stoped and he decided to rejoin across the whole track, in one of the most dangerous part of the track. He rejoins the track perpendicularly. But here are a lot of space to make the rejoin in a safe way. With this absolutely unsportsmanlike maneuver he ruined my race, I had to retire my car just 3 laps before the finish. I was racing on P9. Very disappointing behavior considering the fact that he is League Coordinator in Tier 1.

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Dec 26, 2018
Yea, like I told you earlier in chat -
1) I did not see you to begin with
2) I was expecting my car to turn once I went onto the track
3) It did not and I tried to go straight to avoid you but that didnt work either

I dont see how you think it matters that I am a league coordinator, I can also make mistakes (although I almost never do) and I think what you are doing is only bad attitude from your side. That is actively a decision from your side - bad behaviour - does not contribute to anything good.
Maybe you think that you are perfect and never make mistakes and this is not what I've heard about your racing from others so far.

As I also said in the chat, I'm sorry for the mistake. But reading how you write this inquiry, Im not sorry that I ruined your race.

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded that @PALEEZ is to blame for causing a significant avoidable collision. The heavy damage to @NikBabin's car was a result of the dangerous rejoin.

@PALEEZ will receive a 20 points race results reduction and 15 drivers license points.

@NikBabin @PALEEZ
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