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PC ACC Tier 1 - Silverstone


Formula 4 2nd Driver
May 22, 2019
Platform + League: PC + ACC S2
League Coordinator: @Chloé
Date: 10/12/19
Members Involved: me and @malih ( i don't know his nickname)
Description: I say everything in the video. He was a lot behind me. What makes me sad about this, is that he is the tier 2 champion, showing himself in tier 1. He was racing for nothing. Infact, it looks like he did not put the same level of focus of the others.
Evidence: Video coming in a few minutes, im charging them on youtube.


AOR PC GT3 S11 Tier 2 Champion
Jun 6, 2018
I think its the wrong place Amato. You have to post it on ACC section not in AC ;)
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