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Moved ACC Tier 2 - Round 5 - Start Pile-Up

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 11, 2018
ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 2 Round 5
League Coordinator: @krop @Shooter80
Date: 10.03.2020
Members Involved: @JKay14 @VLX_Chewydee @Basti Schäfer @inkychris @dejw_d myself @Backe Gabrielsen @Rgm12345 @Oblit0r @Martin Ava @Smolda and .. lots more
Chewy has a slower start compared to everyone around him and wants to cover the right (inside line) of the track as soon as hes clear. Jkay with the same good start as the others has Chewy directly in front since the start but still judges the speed difference wrong, pulls out too late :whistle: and despite brief braking collects him on the left rear. That causes Chewy to spin and get spit out by the wall across the track into @Basti Schäfer @dejw_d and in turn me. As everyone is suddenly braking HARD way before turn 1, alot of cars behind get caught out by it and that causes even more mayhem.

I'm not one to talk lately but since this doesn't involve just 2-3-4 but atleast 12 cars (stopped counting) with some form of damage, i think it's fair to bring this to the stewards (so sorry Jkay :(). Also because of the widget start everyone is now closer together on the start, meaning reduced reaction times and in case of incidents at the front a higher risk for big pile ups behind.

Views from Jkay and Chewy

Various Rear Cameras for your suffering

Viewed from space because why not


AOR ACC S3 Tier 2 Champion
Jun 5, 2018
I feel it was a racing incident. The speed difference was pretty extreme which left me little time to react. I had already committed to going to the right (you can see with my steering inputs). Chewy then tries to cut across (which I can understand) but in my opinion it’s too late and gives me nowhere to really go as there’s a car on my inside which I didn’t want to hit.

A restart was discussed over discord however the coordinators judged it wasn’t required.
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Backe Gabrielsen

Formula Karter
May 18, 2018
For me there are atleast two not that good things about the "widget start". (probably are a bunch of positives also, but tbh I dont care cause the negatives are bigger than the positives)

1. When everybody are just focusing on the green lights there is no focus on the cars in front. Only seconds later, when there seem to be that some people are afraid to loose positions due to slowing down for accidents ahead (that may not be solved by starting procedure though), and instead hold the pedal to the metal and hope for the best.
2. The Aston V8 is really bad in accelerating from 60kph. I havent had a widgetstart as of yet with the Aston where I haven't been overtaken by a bunch of non Aston cars, that can also have something to do with my reaction abilities(not 18 anymore).
Nevertheless I don't seem to have this same problem that much when I focus on the cars ahead and react to their reactions. That is more natural imo, and tbh that makes it more safe.

This was another race now in ACC/AOR (only do AOR in ACC) where I was looking forward to the race and had put down some hours of practice before, just ending up disappointed after some laps because of other peoples unabilities to take it a little bit easy the first 10-15 minutes.
And once again I sweared that I will never play this game again(even though I probably will be back really soon again)
This start incident was not the reason for my DNF though, that happened a couple of laps later on my lap from hell, but that is another story, that will not be told though cause of the simple fact that I automatically without thinking was closing the program preparing for uninstallement of the game (didnt do it though) so I didnt save it.

Basti Schäfer

Pro Karter
Oct 8, 2019
In my opinion its a racing incident. The start was definitely the move of @VLX_Chewydee but at that moment it was clear next to him, so I think its ok. Maybe he just couldnt see how fast everyone came from behind. There was no time to react and avoid for @JKay14 .
In the end there should have been a restart. But it is so hard to make a decision for the coordinators. They are racing too and cant see everything. So there shouldnt be any penalty.

@Backe Gabrielsen The Aston can start good, look at my start. Just give it some boost. Full throotle and hold 60kph with the brakes. My pleasure :p


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Sep 11, 2018
Adding a top down view to help see the movements / lines of both cars better.



Formula 3 Test Driver
Jan 10, 2018
Not much to say, couldn't see the pile up in front happening from my pov, wasn't expecting the early braking, couldn't avoid the car in front.


AOR PS4 GT3 S10 Tier 3 Champion
Apr 26, 2018
Nothing much to say either. The car just came across and that ended my race.


AOR PC GT3 S12 T2 Champion
Dec 9, 2018
My perspective, as requested. Ironically if I hadn't slowed down quite so much to avoid the initial incident I would probably have made it past without contact!



Semi-Pro Karter
May 4, 2019
Gotta admit, after qualifying on the front row and not even making it to turn 1, I was mighty pissed off. My best qualifying in AOR got wasted.

One thing I will admit is that I forgot to change back to mix 1 from 3 after the parade lap, that is the cause of my slow start.

However I think I still had a right to defend my position, which I did. Maybe a touch too late but I think net code caused the collision again as jkays car didn't look affected by the contact? After the contact I was completely out of control and had no say in bouncing off the wall and veering back across track.

I've simmered down and as frustrating as it is I think from my perspective it's probably more racing incident than any massive blame.

I'll be back at Silvertone maybe I can get pole instead lol

Head Steward

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards, after carefully reviewing the video evidence, concluded that @JKay14 caused a moderate avoidable collision in lap 1. The stewards decided that @JKay14 had enough time to react to the AMG going too slow, and should've lifted the throttle to avoid a contact.
The stewards decided that also @VLX_Chewydee is to blame, as his car didn't start in optimal conditions and most importantly, he never hit the brakes after losing control.
Both drivers receive 30 seconds penalty and 15 AOR driver license penalty points.

@JKay14 @VLX_Chewydee
@krop @Shooter80
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