Closed ACC Tier 3 + Round 2 + Lap 4 + Do not brake

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Oct 26, 2019
Hi @SergioKillerLA , first of all sry for beeing in your way.
As you can see at 1:15 Mr. Konstantinidis...who was the reason for the incident in the first place...passed me in front of my car after spinnging me, giving me the impression that i was already at the outside of the track. To get out of the way as fast as possible and giving the oncoming field the chance to pass me safely on the inside i did not break, as i wanted to "roll backwards on the grass/gravel. Obviously that didn't work in your case :oops:.
I will file another enquiry against Konstantinidis, as he was the cause of this in the first place.
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards decided to issue a 5 points reduction and 5 penalty points on @DrUbermann 's AOR driver license for dangerous driving (not hitting the brakes during a spin on the track).
There won't be a penalty for the collision as stewards cannot be sure that @SergioKillerLA would have avoided the spinning car if @DrUbermann applied the brakes.

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