Closed Acc tier 5 - round 6 - lap 1 - turn 1 incident

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Aug 7, 2017
ACC Tier 5+ Round 6:
League Coordinator: @GIXXERosg @Artur "Jankes" Sobota
Date: 27/10/2020
Members Involved: @igor55 @Alireza d1
Going into turn 1 of lap 1 I suddenly got turned around. Looking at the footage you can see that @Alireza d1 brakes too late and by hitting the car in front slides in to my left side. Causing both of us to slide to the other side of the track.
Big shoutout to the rest of the field for avoiding our cars. Given I was on the inside of the track and slid over the entire corners this could have been a big pile up.
Also after the incident @Alireza d1 does not wait to give me back the position.


Alireza d1

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Apr 2, 2019
Yes, it was right on my wrong
I's because the game's graphics mode is at its lowest for me
And it 's hard for me to see you in the rain in those conditions
That's why I noticed the front car brake late
And then when the car became oversteered and an accident Unintentional
I apologize to our friend.

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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have reviewed the evidence and concluded that @Alireza d1 is to blame for causing a moderate avoidable collision on the first lap of the race. By not being careful enough, the driver damaged two other cars.

@Alireza d1 will receive a 25 race results points reduction and 15 drivers license points (including 5 for it happening on the first lap of the race).

@GIXXERosg @Artur "Jankes" Sobota @igor55 @Alireza d1
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